The Beginning

Welcome to our blog!  I have been debating lately on starting a blog, and finally decided to take the plunge! Why start a blog? Well, I have a bad habit of not keeping track of things, not taking enough pictures of the kids, and I don’t have the best memory to be able to remember all that we do.  So I figured this would be a great way to help! We are a  Christian homeschooling family with 4 wonderful children (and one crazy dog) living in the Midwest. I am hoping to share with you things about homeschooling, cooking, housekeeping, penny pinching, and all of the other every day life things we encounter along the way! I’m sure you are wondering where the name “Water on the Floor” came from. With 4 young children in the house, we seem to have a lot of spills- thankfully it is usually only water! My poor husband is always the one that seems to find the water and soaks his socks. I told him that if I ever started a blog I would call it “Water on the Floor”. Now you know! Hope you enjoy:)