What’s In a Name?

     I’m sure you are wondering about all of the crazy names- from the blog name to our children’s names. So for my first post I will do a little explaining. The blog name comes from living in a house with 4 small children that are forever spilling water (and other things, but water is the most frequent!). My poor husband always seems to be the one to find the water and soak his socks! I have told him for months that if I ever had a blog I would call it “water on the floor”. I have kept my promise to him, and that is where the name was born.

     Our children do not really have crazy names, but because of my husband’s occupation we felt it was best to keep some anonymity. The kids are really into reading books so I let them chose a favorite character to be their “name”. Here is a little explanation of each child’s name:
     Caspian- He is really enjoying his first time through the Narnia series! Loves the books, loves the movies!

     Aurora- She is, of course being the only girl, a Princess.  She will read any story having to do with a princess, and Aurora happens to be her favorite!

     Moose- This little boy is in love with all of the Laura Numeroff books, his favorite being If You Give a Moose a Muffin. He will read these books a hundred times each until he can complete all of the sentences for you!

     Little Bear- Ok, he really isn’t old enough to come up with his own name, but we read a lot of Little Bear in our house and it just seems like such an appropriate name for him! I had seriously thought about the name “Tornado” since that would fit him too, but we went with the book theme instead!

     So there you go. Now all of the random names might make a little more sense:)