Summer Reading!

     Getting a child to read a book is pretty simple- teach them how to read, give them a book, and tell them to read it. Getting a child to enjoy reading is a completely different story! Some times it takes a little bribery to really get the love of reading started:) This summer, as we take a short break from our regular school schedule, we are focusing on language arts, math, and Latin. What better way to really get the kids reading than participating in summer reading programs! I have listed several, not sure if we will use them all, but I thought I would list them for those who may want to use them. These are some of our favorites:

     We are also participating in the summer reading program at our local library. In addition to the prizes they get for reading, there is also a program through Taco Bell where the kids can earn a free Taco and Bean Burrito for every 10 books they read. Can anyone say free lunch!  Happy reading!