Strawberry Season Has Arrived!

     We were so fortunate today to pick some strawberries from the garden of a fellow member of our church. The weather was perfect- 80 and sunny! I went with a friend and we took our children to “help”. After about 5 minutes of taste-testing most of the children were off to play! We still came home with quite a few strawberries.

          Now to decide what to do with the strawberries. I think for now we will freeze them and make some smoothies, or maybe one of our favorite breakfast treats-Strawberry Muffins! If the kids (as Caspian is demonstrating) keep sneaking strawberries, we probably won’t have enough left to worry about making much of anything!

     There is really nothing like the taste of fresh picked strawberries. We are so blessed that we were able to pick some of these for free! Can’t wait until the rest of the fresh summer produce is ready too!
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