Baby Owls

     How many times in your life are you able to see a baby owl up close without visiting a zoo? Probably not many. This morning, a dear friend (who also happens to be our neighbor!) called me to let us know she had some baby owls in her yard! They are so cute and look so fluffy and cuddly! Since they are nocturnal I couldn’t get any pictures with their eyes open, but they are still adorable anyway! Here are some of the pictures I took.

     Here is one hiding in the trees.
     There are three baby owls total. My friend called a wildlife officer who told her they are probably just in the “learning to fly and eat on their own” stage and life and should be just fine. There was no sign of the parents- we kept waiting for them to swoop down! Now that I have the kids’ interest it is time to go find some good books about owls!