Water Kefir: Probiotics Made Easy

     A while back I started investigating how to help my children stay healthy (as much as that is possible!). I read it mentioned several times that probiotics are essential for a healthy immune system. I happened upon Water Kefir in my search for probiotics, and I am so grateful I found it!  My kids absolutely love it, and it is difficult to get my little boys to drink anything else! I thought I would share a post on how I make it. Here is a picture of the water kefir that has cultured for 48 hours. If you look close, you can see one of the grains floating in the left jar.

     After the grains culture in sugar water for 24-48 hours (we usually leave them for 48 since they feed on more of the sugar the longer they are in) they are ready to be strained out and added to new sugar water.
     I strain the water kefir into jars to store in the refrigerator. If you want to you can leave it in an airtight bottle on the counter for an extra day or two and it gets really fizzy like pop! We have tried it a few times, and the kids like it, but the water kefir doesn’t usually last long enough the save any to make the pop! Once the jars are filled I top them off with about 1/4 cup each of fruit juice. The first flavor we tried was “lemonade” and I added 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice. It was very good, and ever since then water kefir has been known as “lemonade” in our house (unless you are a 3 year old- then it is known as “wemonade”!). Here are the finished jars.
     I took a picture of one of the jars up close so you can see how bubbly it is, even when you don’t set it out for the extra day. With this batch I could even hear the water kefir fizzing in the jar! You gotta love those probiotics at work!
     Now it is time to make the sugar water to add to the next batch. You use 1/4 cup of unrefined sugar for every quart of water kefir you make (3 tbsp. of grains can make 2 quarts of water kefir- we make 4 quarts total). I mix the sugar with very hot water, hot enough to dissolve the sugar.
     Once the sugar water is cooled you can add it to the strained grains. Fill up the rest of the jar with spring water, and you are set until you do it all over again 48 hours later.
     We are so happy with these water kefir grains! We have used them for almost a year now, and they are still going strong! I have noticed that (knock on wood) the kids seem to be catching less germs, and if they do get sick it doesn’t last as long. I can say with confidence that water kefir is definitely our all time favorite drink!
     Are you ready to try some for yourself? Just click on the link below to order the water kefir grains from Cultures for Health. They are a great company with excellent customer services! There are many other cultures to order there too- I think we may try some yogurt making soon!
Make Kefir at Home