Planning Out Our Homeschool Year: One Week at a Time


     Every family has a different planning system that works best for them. We are a “check off the list” type of family. I love creating charts and planning- if I could only do so well with sticking to the plan I create! We try to teach as many subjects together as we can and leave language arts and math for the children to do individually. This saves me a lot of planning time, and teaching time! I have four different charts that we use for homeschooling and I change them on a weekly basis. This chart shows the subjects we do all together. I printed it from Donna Young’s website.

     This is Caspian’s chart and has the subjects that are his independent work (not that he won’t need help from me, but the whole family won’t be doing them together).  All of the kids’ individual charts I printed from Homeschool Classified. I know they are a bit too small to read, but across the top are the days of the week, and his subjects are writing, journal, spelling, english, logic, math, reading, and read aloud.

     Here is Aurora’s chart. Her subjects are writing, journal, spelling, math, reading, and read aloud.

     And last, but certainly not least, here is Moose’s chart. His subjects are reading, math, and R&S workbooks. We will probably add spelling in when he is a little further along in his reading.

     I use my Scotch laminator to laminate the schedules, and then use markers to write the schedule for the week on the chart. That way I can erase them at the end of the week and start all over again! The kids do really well when they know what to expect- no guessing on what they have to do next. This system seems to work well for us and we hope to have a nice smooth year knowing exactly what needs to be done.
* I thought I would add a picture of all the charts together on the wall. They are low enough so the kids can erase their work as they go, and this seems to really motivate them to get more subjects completed! (Sorry about the glare- the laminated charts are too shiny!)

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  1. Popping over from TWTM- I LOVE the kids charts- I have been doing mine spreadsheet style printed out, but I think I like this idea better!

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