Picking Blueberries

     I love living near enough to the country that we can take advantage of home grown fresh produce! This morning we had the opportunity to pick some blueberries (which seem to be growing very well this year). Caspian’s piano teacher has a farm and we were able to pick some absolutely delicious blueberries for $2/pound! We are stocking up for winter so we can enjoy smoothies year round. We came home today with about 6 pounds and will probably go back for more before the season is over. They also have raspberries too! The weather was absolutely perfect this morning- about 70 degrees and beautiful sunshine! The kids worked really hard and did a great job filling their buckets! Here is Aurora finding the “perfect” blueberry! She and Caspian were having a contest to see who could find the best blueberry.

     Grandma did a great job instructing Moose on which blueberries were ripe enough to pick- and Caspian in the back is showing off his blueberry.

     A group picture of everyone hard at work.
     Little Bear wasn’t sure about the blueberries- until he actually tasted one! I think he actually ate more than he put in a bucket, but he now is a big fan of blueberries! He was even eating the white unripe ones!
     Little Bear is trying to decide whether he wants to eat this blueberry or put it in Caspian’s bucket. In case you are wondering, he ate it!

     Now we have a huge bag of blueberries to freeze- yay! The kids are already asking for a smoothie tonight, but with all of the blueberries they already ate I’m not so sure that would be a good idea:)