Week in Review 6/25-6/29

     Our first official Week in Review! This week I discovered and greatly appreciated yet another benefit to homeschooling. Caspian was transitioning from McRuffy math (which he loved!) to Saxon math (which we have since found out he dislikes very much!). I grew up using Saxon and always assumed the kids would use it and do well with it- boy was I wrong! I placed Caspian in Saxon 5/4, although he just missed placing in 6/5. I think that was my first mistake. He is a very mathy child and catched on to new concepts very quickly. The volume of problems in Saxon was killing him and I knew we need to make a change before he began to dislike what used to be his favorite subject. After doing some research on the Well Trained Mind Forum, I have decided to use a combination of MEP math and Khan Academy.  He seems to enjoy both but I should know for sure in about a month or so if we will stick with this. I am also looking into Math Mammoth which may be another possibility for him. Homeschool Buyers Co-op is having a group buy in August, so we may be making a purchase at that point. All I can say is I am so grateful that Caspian is homeschooled so we can work with his abilities and find a math curriculum that will work for him. My mom reminded me of how much I disliked Saxon when I was his age (why did I not remember that?!), and I am glad he is able to try a different approach that will work much better for the way he learns.

    Here are the rest of our subjects we worked on this week:

Poetry- finished memorizing How Doth the Little Crocodile

Bible- finished memorizing Ephesians 2:8-10; I also found a great devotional at Goodwill we are using before bed

Latin- completed Lessons 11, 12, & 13 in Song School Latin

History- read a few stories from American History Stories; we also studied the Ohio state flag and put a colored picture of it in their Ohio History Notebooks

Science- our theme for the week was supposed to be the moon, but after spotting some owls at my mom’s house, we added owls to the list also (the two go pretty well together!)

Writing- Caspian and Aurora completed lessons 15-19 in Part 2 of PAL writing; they also completed 5 days of journaling with their chosen prompts

Reading- Moose completed lesson 15 and 16 in PAL reading; Caspian and Aurora worked on their library stack of books (including some from science)

Read Alouds- We finished The Marvelous Land of Oz and have moved on to Ozma of Oz; we have one chapter left to go in Prince Caspian

Spelling- Caspian completed 4 lessons in All About Spelling 3 (almost ready for Phonetic Zoo!), and Aurora finished 3 lesson in All About Spelling 2

English- Caspian finished 1 week in Killgallon Sentence Composing and 1 week in Fix-It (I am toying with the idea of adding KISS grammar into the mix- not sure yet)

Math- Caspian started and completed 3 lessons in MEP math and is also working on Khan Academy, Aurora did 5 lessons in McRuffy math and was also wanting to do MEP & Khan Academy, and Moose did 3 lesson in McRuffy K and just like the older kids he wanted to do some MEP math (they are all very excited to use the iPad to do school work!)

     I think that just about takes care of our week! Hopefully next time I will have some picture- my smart phone died so I am adjusting to using a regular camera now. Hope you all had a great week too!


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