After taking a few months off from our “regular” school work, it is time to get back into the swing of things! Today is our first official day of school, so how did we start the day? We ate peach cobbler and peach ice cream!

     This is by no means a typical breakfast in our house so it was a real treat for the kids. Then it was time to start school. Here is the basket I put our books for the day in, and as we finish the books we put them back on the shelf. By the end of the day my hope is to have an empty basket. I like the books in a basket because we do not have a room specifically dedicated to homeschooling- we travel around the house. This way it is easy to take the books with us!

     By about 9am we were ready to start our school work. Caspian and Aurora are hard at work filling out their passport applications for My Father’s World Exploring Countries and Cultures.

    The kids typically like to do their school work any place except at the table, so unless they are doing a writing activity I let them sit wherever they want. Aurora is on the floor working on her McRuffy math, and Little Bear is behind “helping” her.

Moose is entertaining himself with some Playmobil people while I get schoolwork done with the older children (and very patiently waiting his turn!).
Caspian and Aurora insisted they needed a “tent” to do their reading, so here is their creation. Caspian is “sleeping”, but he is not very convincing!
Little Bear wanted to play in the “tent” too!
I am loving the iPad for school work- it has saved us a lot in the cost of paper and ink. Moose had a chance to play some games after he finished his MEP math on the iPad. It is sad that he knows how to navigate it better than me!
Here we are- the basket is empty and the school day is complete!
Now I need to go fill the basket with books for tomorrow! Both Caspian and Aurora admitted they are really starting to like school work- the true test will be if they can say the same at the end of the year! We had a great first day of school and are looking forward to many more of the same!