Week In Review 7/9-7/13/2012

     This was our first week back to our full curriculum- I guess this means summer school is over! We started My Father’s World and so far so good! I know it is hard to tell in a week how the year will go, but for now it seems to be a good fit for our family. Caspian seems to be enjoying math again, which is really fantastic to see! On Wednesday we had some friends over for a play date and only did math that day. It was our test run to see if we could actually get school work done in 4 days- and it worked! The kids didn’t even seem to recognize the extra work we put in to make up for Wednesday. Overall we had a really good week. Here is a glimpse of what we accomplished.

Poetry: almost finished memorizing Try, Try Again

Bible: memorized John 3:16; Caspian and I started Sword Fighting as a devotional for just the two of us and he really loves it (I think he enjoys the one-on-one time most of all:)

Latin: completed lessons 14 and 15 in Song School Latin

History: read a few stories from American History Stories; we studied and labeled the border states for our Ohio Notebook

Geography: read through about half of Maps and Globes and did some activities to go along with that

Science: we read some of Properties of Ecosystems and did some activities having to do with environments and our habitat

Music and Art: listened to Wee Sing Around the World song #1; made a poster of John 3:16

Vocabulary: our words for the week were continent, continental shelf, saga, sleuth, girth, and ransack

Writing: Caspian and Aurora completed up through lesson 23 in Part 2 of PAL writing and did 5 days of journal entries

Reading: Caspian started Henry Huggins and read from Pathway Readers for his read aloud practice (and also read some picture books to the little boys); Aurora read several books in the book basket from the library and is really into Franklin books right now, and she also read from Pathway Readers for her read aloud; Moose did some practice with PAL, but wasn’t able to complete any lessons because the printer was out of ink (he still played his file folder games, read his word cards and his practice sentences)

Read Alouds- we are still working through Ozma of Oz, Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and we added Carry On, Mr. Bowditch

Spelling- Caspian and Aurora both completed 2 lessons in their levels of All About Spelling (only 4 levels left until Caspian starts Phonetic Zoo)

English- Caspian did one lesson in Killgallon Sentence Composing and one week of Fix-It; we also read a few chapters of Grammarland and we are starting an outline of the parts of speech

Math- All of the kids did 5 days of MEP math (Caspian and Aurora are doing about 2 or 3 lessons a day- they love it!), Aurora did 4 days of McRuffy math also

Here are some pictures of our week in action!

To help the kids understand why countries on globes are shaped differently than countries on a map we did an orange experiment. I drew the continents on a orange and then we peeled it to see how hard is was to lay it flat like a map would be.

Caspian and Aurora completed their first art project : a John 3:16 poster.
Aurora won a free book through our library’s summer reading program. She chose I Can Draw Animals (Usborne). She and Caspian had some fun drawing animals.
Part of science for the week included filling out a notebook page about our habitat. The kids are filling out their page and studying our habitat (a.k.a. the backyard).
A geography project for the week included making a map of their bedroom: here is Caspian working on his map. Yes, that is a twin bed right next to the bunk beds. I don’t know why but they all just like to sleep really close together!
Here is our little book reader, Little Bear. He was being so quiet while I was cleaning up the kitchen so I peeked around the corner and found him with a stack of books. He loves the picture of the balloons.
Hoping for another great week next week:)