"New" Furniture= Reorganization

     Do you ever feel as if you just need some more furniture to get your house organized? Maybe another bookshelf? Some people may feel just the opposite, but I am not one to turn down free furniture, especially if it involves another bookshelf! Since my parents are downsizing they have some extras to hand down to us. We have never had an official desk for our laptop and other paperwork so we just used a section of the kitchen countertop. That doesn’t work well since we have an exceptionally small kitchen and countertop space is at a premium. But now we have a rolltop desk! Here is our little office corner of the living room.

     Now our countertop if free from clutter and we have a perfect place to charge the iPad or use for kitchen prep.
     Our bookshelves were beginning to spill over and we had to use the top of them to pile stuff- not very attractive. But now we have a third bookshelf for the family room.

The other bookshelves are now clear on the top- for now!
If we have to add another bookshelf, we may have to start calling this room the library instead of the family room! While we were doing some rearranging, we did some work on the closets. I bought some hanging storage shelves to put the kids’ clothes in instead of using hangers. There were too many clothes and the kids are not quite tall enough to hang them up anyway. Hopefully this will make putting away clothes a little easier. This is the finished product for the closet that Caspian and Moose share.
I left pants on hangers and their winter clothes are folded on the shelves above for easy access when we need them. When it gets colder we will just switch out the summer and winter clothes (although that seems a long way away now!).
Aurora and Little Bear also share a closet and their clothes are set up the same way.
Aurora’s dresses and sweaters are hung up also.
Those were our projects for the week. Now if we could only get those toys under control! Someone please tell me that will eventually happen some day:)