Week In Review 7/16-7/20/2012

     We are officially finished with Week 2 of school! I wasn’t sure if it would all get done. We had a crazy week of moving around furniture and organizing closets, but thankfully we still managed to get some work done. Caspian and Aurora turned in their booklist to Barnes and Noble and received their free books- very exciting for them! They have asked several times if they really get to keep the books (I guess they think Barnes and Noble is the library:). Here are some of the things we were able to still get done this crazy week.

Poetry: We finished memorizing Try, Try Again and started The Months.

Bible: We reviewed previously memorized Bible verses, read about different religions in Window on the World, and read some Bible passages about what makes our faith different than other religions. Caspian continued with Sword Fighting and is still enjoying it (I think it is convicting for him- every time we start reading he will confess about something he did that he shouldn’t have done!).

Latin: We completed lessons 16 and 17 in Song School Latin.

Ohio Notebook: We read about the Serpent Mounds in southern Ohio and then Caspian and Aurora each drew a picture of it to keep in their notebooks. Now they want to go and see it for themselves!

Geography: We finished Maps and Globes and labeled the continents, oceans, hemispheres, and the equator on a map.

Science: We read about Biomes and Water Cycles in Properties of Ecosystems. The kids were explaining the water cycle to me since they already knew about it from watching Bill Nye!

Art: The kids made the “Hands Across the World Paper Dolls” from Global Art.

 We also ended the week by making a “World Cake” (and yes, it is refined sugar and grain free!).

Vocabulary: Our words for this week were ocean, ocean ridge, dogged, dog-eared, catty, and caterwaul.

Writing: Caspian and Aurora did 4 lessons in PAL writing and 4 days of journal entries. Their journal entries seem to be getting shorter and shorter, so we are going to try and work on that next week.

Reading: Caspian decided to stop reading Henry Huggins in favor of starting his new book from Barnes and Noble- The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Aurora started and finished her new book from Barnes and Noble- Lulu and the Brontosaurus (this was her first real chapter book and she loved it!).
Moose did one lesson in PAL reading and is beginning to recognize more and more phonograms and words.

Read Alouds: We finished Ozma of Oz, and are continuing to read Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Carry On, Mr. Bowditch.

Spelling: Both Caspian and Aurora continued through their levels and we seem to have found a good rhythm with All About Spelling: one day we do the lesson and words, the next day we do the sentences (otherwise the amount of writing seems to overwhelm them).

English: We have decided to put Killgallon on the back burner for another year- it seemed to be a bit over Caspian’s head. We are continuing with Fix-It and GrammarLand, starting KISS grammar, and are adding a grammar poem to memorize.

Math: All of the kids did their MEP math (even on the day when we did no other school work!). They really seem to enjoy it and I find Aurora really favoring MEP instead of McRuffy. We will see how that turns out the next few months. It may have just been that this was an off week.

     I am liking the fact that we seem to be able to get all of our school work done in 4 days- that is something we may stick with. I like having an “extra” day off for library, stores, field trips, and whatever else may need to be done. We’ll have to see what next week brings. Have a great week!


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