Week In Review 7/22-7/27/2012

     We survived another week of only doing school four days! I think this means we can officially call ourselves 4-day a week homeschoolers! I am so glad to have the flexibility this brings- we have an extra day for field trips, projects, library trips, or just keeping up with the house. Caspian spent the night with Grandma on Tuesday, which prompted another run at the 4 day week. I am not sure our day off will always be Friday, but we’ll see what works best. Here is a glimpse into our week.

     Our memory work included memorizing James 4:7, and continuing to memorize The Months. I also created another SCM Memory Box for our poems and we will start using that on Monday. We are also working on a grammar poem to help remember parts of speech. We sang through our math multiples songs, and started working on the Pledge of Allegiance. We are also singing The Old Rugged Cross as our hymn (Aurora can be found most days dancing around the house singing it:).

     For Bible, we are continuing to use Sword Fighting with Caspian. This year with MFW ECC we are studying the book of Matthew, so we spent some time studying the Bible and how to find verses in Matthew. We also read about Missionary Kids in Window on the World and read the stories about Dwight Moody in Hero Tales.

     In our Latin studies, we did 2 lessons in Song School Latin. Since we only have about 10 lessons left I think I am going to purchase Getting Starting with Latin soon! I love the samples and think it will work well as a bridge until we get to Lively Latin.

     The week we are studying the United States in MFW ECC. The kids labeled some geographical spots and most of the states on a map. I was thoroughly impressed with how many states they knew from none other than Stack the States! Our geography words included forest and isthmus.

     Science this week was all about forests and animals in North America. We read some stories from the Complete Book of Animals and some other picture books about the forest. The kids also labeled a map of the different types of forests around the world.

     The art project for the week was making a “quilt” with different patterns. The kids also made some book marks with Matthew written in Greek. I found some Faber-Castell colored pencils on clearance at Barnes and Noble, and the kids love them! We now officially have our favorite brand of colored pencils. These even have a nice triangular grip, and they came with a special sharpener (just hope we don’t lose it!).
     Caspian finished Mouse and the Motorcyle for his reading this week. He started Runaway Ralph because he says he likes books about mice! Maybe I’ll put Abel’s Island on his reading list! Aurora started reading Ivy and Bean and seems to like it so far. And poor Moose only did one lesson in PAL reading this week. I think I may have to institute Saturday morning school for him. I just can’t seem to fit lessons in during the times that he is ready to work. He focuses best right after breakfast, but I am usually doing our “together time” then. By Little Bear’s nap time, Moose has a much shorter attention span. We’ll get through it eventually!
    I am finding that doing three different read alouds every night takes quite some time! We have been reading for at least 60 minutes, if not 90, on reading Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, and Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Thankfully, the little boys are doing well with listening (or at least being relatively quiet).
     Not much spelling was done this week. Aurora did one lesson in AAS2, and we all spent one day reviewing all of the cards. I’m not very good at doing that part regularly, so I think it is best to add a day just for review.
     Caspian started KISS grammar and does not seem to be completely turned off from it yet- definitely a good sign! We didn’t do any Fix-It this week since I wanted to get him used to KISS. I tried some of the free 1st grade Lightning Literature with Aurora, and it is another one of those things I am not sure we are going to be able to fit in every day. Plus, when I downloaded it into Notability it downloaded sideways- what a bummer! We are still working on GrammarLand.
     Caspian and Aurora did 4 lessons in PAL writing. I had Caspian choose his writing program to follow up after PAL. I showed him samples of Writing With Ease, Writing Tales, Classical Composition, and IEW All Things Fun and Fascinating. He chose Writing with Ease, and since that is a different approach than IEW I think we are going to start it before we finish PAL. There is a lot more actual writing in PAL, and Writing with Ease is more dictation and narration. We’ll see how that goes. I may even start Aurora in a lower level of Writing with Ease since my ultimate goal if for them to use Writing with Skill.
     I can’t get the kids to slow down with MEP math- they absolutely love it! Our beloved McRuffy continues to get pushed to the side in favor of more MEP. Caspian did 5 lessons today before I finally cut him off! I am going to have to figure out something for Moose once he finishes Reception. He loves math, but his writing skills are not up for too much yet. More research- yeah! Here is Aurora waiting patiently for her turn to do math and taking a rest with the dog (who really thinks she is a lap dog).
     Next week Grandma and Grandpa start their move into their new house, so I am not sure what that will do to school. We volunteered to help scrape wall paper and paint, which I actually love to do. Hopefully they have the air conditioning running before we start! Have a great week!


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