Week in Review 7/30-8/10

     Well, this is actually a two weeks in review- oops! We have been busy lately trying to use our free time (ha,ha) to help my parents get their new house ready. We have been cleaning and painting, painting and cleaning, and the kids are enjoying “helping”.

The difficulty in this whole process has been keeping Little Bear occupied while we are working.
     Through all of the working, we were still able to get quite a bit of school work done. We seem to have fallen into a bit of a routine for our school days. After breakfast we have our together time and memory work. Then I give the kids a 30 minute break. This helps the kids get some energy out and helps me keep up on cleaning things so they don’t get too far out of control. Then we regroup and do our subjects for My Father’s World, our journaling, and Latin. By that point in time we are usually about ready for lunch. After lunch the kids do their independent work (reading, math, spelling, etc.), and typically if we work hard we are done by about 2pm. Long gone are the days of school being finished before lunch! I guess that just happens when they are more students to teach! Here is a bit of what we have been working on for the past couple of weeks.
     Our Bible memory verses were Matthew 1:23 and Matthew 4:4.  We read about Harriet Tubman in Hero Tales and continued reading through the book of Matthew.  Caspian continues to ask to go through Sword Fighting and really seems to enjoy it. We are working on self control right now.
     Our current poem is This is My Rock and we finished memorizing The Months.  The kids are doing so well with poetry and can still remember the old poems. Aurora just said this morning that she loves reciting the poems.
     Our Latin studies in Song School Latin have included lessons on body parts and food. We have less than 10 lessons left!
     Our Exploring Countries and Cultures curriculum has taken us to Mexico. The kids were so excited to put the Mexico flag in their passports! This is a great time for doing this curriculum since the Olympics are going on also.  We love trying to find the flags of other countries during the events. 
     Our science theme for the week is deserts. We have read some great picture books along with our regular science books. The kids colored a map with the location of the world’s deserts. Unfortunately, we are nowhere near a desert to go visit one, but we have a DVD from the library that will hopefully do the trick!
      The kids did an art project last week, but unfortunately I forgot to buy the yarn to complete them so I have no finished product to show! I guess I need to pay more attention to the supply list next time! As luck would have it, our art project for this week includes yarn too- that has been postponed:) 
     Our library summer reading program has ended and the kids are very sad. I think I am going to set up my own reading program to try to motivate the kids to read. I’ll give you the details after I put the program together. Moose started AlphaPhonics this week and we are putting PAL reading aside for now. Time is a big factor in that decision and he wasn’t enjoying the worksheets anymore. We may try it again in a while, but for now he is doing very well with AlphaPhonics.  I have pulled out my copy of The Writing Road to Reading again and I think I may use that with the kids too.  Now that we have done a few years with All About Spelling it just makes more sense to me, so we may give it a try-and save some money too!
     Our read aloud time this week includes The Silver Chair, Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, and Christian Heroes:Then and Now- Cameron Townsend. We have had to adjust our time and start a little earlier to fit all of the books in, but I have found the kids can still do well listening while they are playing quietly. We still save one book for bedtime- it is my secret weapon to get the kids to fall asleep!
     Caspian is finally finished with All About Spelling level 3! Aurora is almost done with level 2. As I said before, I think we are going to try The Writing Road to Reading and see how that goes. If it doesn’t work, we have Phonetic Zoo on standby!
     Caspian did a week of Fix-It and KISS grammar this week. I am so relieved that he is no longer afraid of grammar! He is doing very well and I am impressed with some of the verbs he is finding! We are still very slowly working our way through GrammarLand.
     Caspian and Aurora finished Part 2 of PAL, so we are going to be moving on to actual composition next week! We may get that going for a week before we add in Writing with Ease. I guess we will just see how the week goes.
     Math is continuing to be the favorite subject around here. I can’t say enough about MEP- we love it! Math is one of those subjects I never have to persuade the kids to do. The love of math is back in our house- yeah!
     This week Little Bear seems to have discovered a love of coloring. We have to watch him like a hawk now because he sees any piece of paper as a coloring book! He tried to do the art project with the kids and show off his work.
The kids wanted to work on reviewing the placement of the 50 states (with the dog helping). Here again Little Bear has found a book to color.
Moose is working hard at coloring the states he knows- this boy is just a sponge! I can’t believe the things he remembers! And yes, he is still is his pajamas:)
     Hope you all had a great week (or weeks) too! Have a great weekend!

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