Week In Review 8/12-8/17/2012

     I can’t believe we have finished six weeks of school already! My Father’s World is continuing to be a success here and we absolutely love the book basket that goes with the program. It seems like the first few months of school involve a lot of trial and error in scheduling and curriculum choices, and this week we changed things up a bit. We are trying more of a block schedule. Every day we do our “together time”, Bible, Latin, math, English, spelling, journaling, and reading. Monday we do all of the geography assignments from Exploring Countries and Cultures. Tuesday is a lighter day where we only do the basics since both Caspian and Aurora have piano in the morning. Wednesday we do all of the science assignments. Thursday we do any art and music assignments. Friday is another lighter day, just because it can be:) This worked out very well this week and I like it a lot better than doing little bits of things every day.  Here are the other things we did this week.

     Our Bible memory verse for the week was Matthew 4:19. We read about Haiti in Window on the World. We are continuing to read through the book of Matthew, a few verses a day. The kids’ eyes light up when we get to a verse they know. This week we read the Beatitudes, which was one of their Bible memory selections over the summer.

     We finished memorizing This is My Rock and are ready to start another poem on Monday. The kids have already memorized eleven poems. Their success with memorizing poetry is really what has motivated me to begin memory work in other areas.

     Latin was mostly review this week. We now have a 22 month old trying to sing along to the songs- it is so cute! But of course as soon as I try to record it he gets distracted:( If I can ever catch him in the act I will post it.

     We are still studying Mexico for geography and deserts for science this week with ECC. Next week we will be going to Canada. The kids started playing the Geography game that goes along with ECC and they really do know more countries than I do!  We added some documentaries about families of Mexico and the desert into our week. It is amazing the knowledge the kids pick up from things like this. I guess if they are going to watch TV I may as well make it educational!  Moose is really into anything having to do with the states. Two of his reading prizes have involved puzzles of the states. Here he is hard at work with his new puzzle (gotta love the dollar store!).

     I finally bought some yarn at the store this week so the kids were able to finish their art projects.

 We also did a fun after-bath craft making a Mexican flower out of tissue paper. I think they turned out pretty well!

     Caspian and Aurora are now very interested in reading since we started our reading incentive program. They have been reading a lot on the weekends and in the evenings. Moose is doing very well with AlphaPhonics too. I am using the Writing Road to Reading markings in the AlphaPhonics book and working with all of the kids on their phonograms. I can’t believe how much knowing phonograms really improved their reading. I am excited to start the spelling notebook from Writing Road to Reading soon. Caspian was asking to try Phonetic Zoo since we weren’t technically doing any spelling this week (just phonograms) and so far he really enjoys it. I think he feels grown up when he can do the work on his own. I’m not sure if we will continue Phonetic Zoo long term since we will be doing Writing Road to Reading, but as long as he is enjoying it I will definitely let him continue.

      We finished Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz this week. The library didn’t have the next book in the series so we are replacing it with Owls in the Family since it is suggested in the Canada section of the MFW book basket. We are also continuing reading The Silver Chair and Cameron Townsend.

     We started Writing With Ease this week with both Caspian and Aurora. Caspian also did some  Fix-It and some KISS grammar. Right now he loves KISS and is not too thrilled with Fix-It, although I am not sure why. I think he likes the variety of stories in KISS as opposed to reading parts of Tom Sawyer all year in Fix-It. Next week we are going to start the last section of PAL Writing and I am interested to see how the kids do with it.  They also did some writing in their journals this week and had some funny pictures to go with their entries. I am hoping their journals can become a keepsake for when they are all grown up.

     Everyone is still plugging along with MEP math. I love the way the problems make the kids really think about numbers and not just recite back an answer. I would have enjoyed a math program like this when I was younger- what am I saying, I enjoy it now! Moose is also having so much fun with his Cuisenaire Rods and here he is playing with the Cuisenaire Alphabet book. He had an entire story to go along with his rods- something about a boat, a jail, a man, and the stairs to his house (which he continually fell off of).

     To finish off our study in Mexico we are going to have a Mexican feast of, what else, tacos! It has been a great week here- hope you had a great week too!


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  1. I found your blog via the MFW Blogroll. I've enjoyed seeing how your first 6 weeks have gone. I am starting ECC with my kiddos (9, 7, and 3) on the 27th. It's made me even more excited to see all the smiling faces here!

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