Week in Review 8/27-8/31/12

     I can’t believe tomorrow will be September already- what happened to summer?! Last week (August 20-24th) was the first week of school for all of our local schools. So like any good homeschooling family, we took the week off:) Ok, really we took the week off because the house was a mess and needed some serious attention. But it made the kids feel better about summer school since they were off school when everyone else now had to go. We did a good, thorough cleaning of the house- windows, doors, ceiling fans, mini blinds, vents, corners, closets, everything! We were also cleaning out in preparation for a garage sale that happened last Friday. I finally talked the kids into getting rid of some of their toys. Unfortunately, it only made a small dent in the toy collection, but it is better than nothing!

     This week we were back to school work and had a relatively quiet week (dare I even say that!). We read about William and Catharine Booth in Hero Tales. Our Bible memory verse was Matthew 5:11, which the kids already knew after memorizing the Beatitudes, so we used the week for review. Caspian also started Bible quizzing at our church and has 9 verses to work on this week. I have also started doing Sword Fighting with all of the kids in the morning- that way it gets done and I think everyone can benefit from it!

     The poem for the week is called Whole Duty of Children. I took it from my new favorite resource for memory work- Living Memory. There is so much in this book, and I had a coupon to use for Lulu (even better!). We are also using it for science, and since it ties in with MFW ECC, the kids are memorizing the Biomes. I think we will add in some history memory work soon too.

     We are studying Canada this week in ECC. Now the kids are begging me to take a trip to Niagara Falls! They were fascinated to learn that there are over 1 million lakes in Canada. Ok, I was fascinated too! Our science this week was more of a general science study and not on a specific topic.

     The craft for this week was soap carving. The kids loved it, but boy was it a mess afterward! I really should have done this one outside. After it was all over, Caspian had carved a football and Aurora carved a slippery soap family (the little boys are big into Blue’s Clues right now). Moose and Little Bear tried to carve, but mostly just added to the mess! I’m hoping the soap shaving on the floor cleaned it too:)


     For spelling this week we continued work on the phonograms from Writing Road to Reading and next week will start handwriting instruction before we move on to starting the spelling notebook. Caspian is doing sporadic spelling lessons with Phonetic Zoo, and still enjoying it.

     Both of the older children did a week in their levels of Writing With Ease. They both did some journaling too. Caspian is continuing with KISS grammar and Aurora started the free Scott Foresman reading workbook. Moose is still doing well with AlphaPhonics.

     We are still using MEP math, but this week I also purchased the Blue series of Math Mammoth through Homeschool Buyers Coop (50% off-yay!). I will use this mainly as a supplement for extra practice and for topics not covered in MEP like time, US measurements, and US money. I might use this for a while after Moose finishes MEP Reception until he is ready for year 1. He is still loving playing with his Cuisenaire Rods!

     The one thing that we did not drop on our week off was our read aloud time. We read Owls in the Family and Paddle-to-the-Sea. Both of these books were big hits around here! In fact, at the library today we got Minn of the Mississippi. If only there was a sequel to Owls in the Family!  We are 2 chapters away from finishing The Silver Chair and then we will only have one book left in the Narnia series!

     I took advantage of some sales and bought a few things from CurrClick and Scholastic Teacher Express. I’ll let you know what we think of the things we bought after we get a chance to use them. Have a great week!


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