Week In Review 9/3-9/7/12

     Another week down! I can’t believe how fast the time goes. Before we know it applesauce season will be here!  We had a productive week, but no matter how hard we work, there always seems to be something that gets left out. The last few weeks it has been Latin. We reviewed but didn’t learn anything new. This week it was spelling. We reviewed writing phonograms in preparation for starting the spelling notebook in Writing Road to Reading but we didn’t actually do any spelling. Caspian did not get to Phonetic Zoo either, which is exactly what I was afraid would happen. I do feel like we are getting into a good schedule with most of our subjects. One day this week we did our writing, English, and math in the morning and did our “together time” in the afternoon. It seemed to work out pretty well since it seems that by lunch time the kids have “checked-out” when it comes to school work. Afternoons may be a better time to do reading and “together time” since it doesn’t require too much thinking for the kids. Here is what we accomplished this week.

     We read about George Muller in Hero Tales this week. His story is so inspiring when it comes to really trusting God to provide our daily needs. We are also working on memorizing Matthew 5:14-16.  Caspian has 6 verses to learn this week from John 10 for Bible quizzing. I can’t wait to see him at his first “rally”!

     I am working on incorporating more memory work into our school schedule. The kids are at such a great age for memorizing and I really want to take advantage of that. I am going to add in some more poems and songs from resources like Living Memory and a few ebooks I recently purchased from Scholastic (they have some great memory work for younger children).  We finished memorizing Whole Duty of Children this week.

     We are learning about Brazil and South America in geography and the rain forest in science. I have always found the rain forest so fascinating and the kids were excited to learn that Brazil would be the next host country of the summer Olympics.

     Art this week involved an alternative to the Global Art book. Last year I purchased an ebook from Scholastic that included crafts from different continents. The one we made this week involved tree frogs. Yes, we brought the markers out, and yes, I regret that. But the kids sure love them!

The “before” picture- I think we may have another lefty!

The “after” picture- thank goodness it is bath night!
Aurora worked so hard to make her tree frog just right!
Here is her finished product.
Here is Caspian’s tree frog- he is camouflaged!
     We started the third part of PAL writing this week, along with Writing with Ease. The two programs seems to complement each other very well. In PAL this week, the kids did an outline of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Little Bears. Then each day they wrote one paragraph of their own, rewriting the story from the key word outline. They did really well and actually enjoyed it! I am excited to see how the rest of it will turn out.
     We did several lessons of Latin this week and only have about 4 left in Song School Latin before we move on the Getting Started with Latin- and I just received it in the mail today!  Caspian really seems to enjoy Latin and picks it up pretty easily when I show him the similarities in English words.  We did a few lessons in KISS with Caspian, and Moose continued with AlphaPhonics.
     We are on the last book in the Narnia series- The Last Battle. We are also reading Minn of the Mississippi since the kids loved Paddle-to-the-Sea. Unfortunately, I don’t think they like this one quite as well, but they are definitely learning some geography by listening to it!  
     Our Math Mammoth Blue series arrived this week and the kids have enjoyed checking it out. I think we will do MEP Monday through Thursday and then have Friday be our Math Mammoth day. I am loving not having much school work on Friday- and so are the kids! It really helps to have that extra day to get things done.
     Right now I am in the middle of re-evaluating our school plans for next year. I bought an ebook of how to plan a history curriculum through CurrClick, and that is exactly what I am doing. The kids have learned so much through reading books and I really want to make books a big part of our schooling. I purchased All Through the Ages and am really enjoying planning out some great books to read with the kids. I’ll let you know when my plans are finalized, but for now, just know that I am working on it! Have a great weekend!


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  1. We are really trying to work on more memory work also. I love when the kids make the connection between something they have previously memorized to something they are reading or studying- it makes it worth the work! Living Memory is really a great book to have and one we will continue to use for years!

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