Week In Review 9/10-9/14/12

     Things finally seem to be calming down around here from the summer craziness, just in time for birthday season at our house! The kids all have fall birthdays (technically Caspian’s isn’t fall, but it is close enough). Caspian’s 9th birthday is Friday, then 3 weeks later Little Bear turns 2, then 3 weeks later Aurora turns 7, then 2 weeks later Moose turns 4. So let the birthday fun begin! Here is what we did this week in school.

     We are memorizing Matthew 5:14-16 for Bible. We also read the story of Nate Saint this week- what an awesome and heartbreaking story! The kids were pretty moved by someone actually giving up their lives to spread the gospel.

     Our poem for this week is Hurt No Living Thing. We also added some more memory work to our daily routine now that I have some ideas for science, history, geography, and math. Most of them are from a Scholastic eBook and are put to familiar songs, which the kids love! I now have an official Memory Work binder for all of our work!

     We are still plugging away at Song School Latin. I think we should be finished with the book in about 2 weeks, and then we will move to Getting Started With Latin. I also purchased a Scholastic eBook that teaches Latin and Greek roots, but we may save that until next year.

     Science and geography this week included studying Brazil (and South America) and the rainforest. For our art project the kids picked out a coloring page about the rainforest. Moose had to pick one out too. I think we may do a Saturday art project tomorrow and make one of the paper animals from yes, another Scholastic eBook, since the tree frogs were such a hit last week.

     Both Caspian and Aurora did a week of Writing with Ease and Primary Art of Language. They are doing so well with PAL, much better than I expected (especially Aurora). Right now we are making an outline of a story on Monday and then rewriting it a paragraph a time for the rest of the week. They love that they are writing actual stories.

     We finally started our spelling notebook for Writing Road to Reading. We finished page 1 and will be moving on to page 2 next week. I’m anxious to get them to the actual spelling journal where they get to practice more with the words.

     Math is still going well here. We have declared Friday to be Math Mammoth day, and the rest of the week will be devoted to MEP. The kids do like Math Mammoth, and they are welcome to do it any time as long as their other work is already done. Moose really wants to do Math Mammoth too, but I think it may be a little over his head for now. He is still enjoying Reception and playing with his Cuisenaire Rods.

     Aurora is working through the Scott Foresman grammar workbook and does very well with it. Caspian is still enjoying KISS grammar. It is so nice to not hear complaining about grammar anymore!

     We finished reading Minn of the Mississippi this week. It was really not one of our favorites. The kids wanted to hear more about Minn and felt like the book went off on too many tangents. It has a much different feel than Paddle-to-the-Sea. We are also working our way through the last book in the Narnia series- The Last Battle. The kids are listening to some of it on audio, but they don’t seem to really love audio books. Hopefully that will eventually change, or I may have no voice left!

      We visited a new library this week. Our local library is nice, but it is pretty small. We drove 15 miles to the “big” city to a bigger library. The kids were amazed that there was an entire room devoted to children’s books, and another room full of DVDs and CDs! I love that this library has check outs for a month- that will really help since we won’t have to make as many trips! We are spoiled by having things so close to us. I am working this week on re-evaluating schooling. I checked some books out of the library to really nail down what I want to teach, how I want to teach it, and why it should be taught. I finished typing up our history curriculum for next year so now it is time to start on science- the fun never ends! But at least in the end I will know we have curriculum that works for us. Have a great weekend! We will be celebrating fall birthday #1!


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