Happy 9th Birthday, Caspian!

     It is so hard to believe that our oldest child is actually 9 year old! It seems like just yesterday we were bringing Caspian home from the Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital (our only California baby!). He has really grown up to be an amazing kid. Caspian has such a kind heart, and although he is strong willed, we are working hard to give him a strong will in the things God wants him to be strong for. He is a natural born leader and has a great mind (he is great at his memory work!). It has been a blessing to watch him grow!

     For Caspian’s special day he requested Banana Blueberry Pancakes. I remember when he was a baby he used to love Banana Pancakes where I would take thin banana slices and dip them in some pancake batter and then cook them. I make them by the freezer bagful!


     Caspian was very excited that today was Sunday and he could tell all of his friends at church that today was his birthday. Then he went out for a birthday tradition- lunch with dad! When they came home we put the finishing touches on his cake. He loves colorful frosting!

     First thing this morning Caspian was asking to open his presents. We ended up letting him open them after lunch. He then spent the afternoon putting together his new Lego log cabin while Moose played with Yatzee (which he calls “de-yatche”). He also received two model cars and a very involved color by number of a dog.
     After a dinner of pizza the kids used Face Time to chat with their favorite aunt, uncle, and cousin who couldn’t be in town for the celebration. They had some virtual cake:)
     Then it was time for the cake!
I told Caspian he could have the rest of his cake if he could eat it in one bite!
     Next year Caspian will reach the double digit age- I don’t know where the time has gone!