Week In Review: 9/17-9/21/12

     We had our first birthday celebration this week! Three more to go, and by then it will be time to start preparations for Christmas! Is there ever a time of the year that is calm and quiet? We have yet to find one! We had a good week of school work and our schedule has been switched around so that we get math, writing, grammar, and spelling done first thing in the morning when everyone is fresh and alert! This seems to work so much better. These were the subjects that were dragging on in the afternoon and it was making me a little crazy. After we finish those subjects, we do My Father’s World until lunch time. Then we do our memory work/together time in the afternoon. School seems to be getting finished in a reasonable time frame now instead of lasting into dinnertime! Here is what we did this week.

     Our Bible memory verse is Matthew 5:44-45. We don’t have it quite down yet, so we will probably continue working on it next week. Caspian is working hard with his verses for Bible quizzing. He continues to amaze me with how much he can remember! We are also still working our way through Sword Fighting. I really like how it focuses on positive behaviors instead of the punishment that comes after bad behavior. We are reading about Menno Simons in Hero Tales.

     The kids are continuing to work on Hurt No Living Thing as their memory poem. We have also officially added in memory work for science, history, geography, grammar, and will eventually add in Latin. Speaking of Latin, we finished Song School Latin this week and will spend the next week reviewing before we move on to Getting Started with Latin.

     This week in My Father’s World we are learning about Norway and forests. The kids were fascinated by how similar Norway’s climate is to Alaska’s. So we had some great geography discussions about how places in similar latitudes can have similar climates even if they are on the other side of the world. The kids drew some pictures about forests for science and tried to include everything they learned about the forest. They have all of the biomes memorized now too.

     Once again, we had an alternative art project. Since we were talking about forests and animals hibernating we used a craft for a hibernating bear. The kids love these type of paper crafts. The bear can have eyes open or eyes closed depending on if he is hibernating.

Caspian is hibernating too!
     Everyone completed their MEP math for the week, and now Fridays are Math Mammoth day. I am also going to try to incorporate Education Unboxed into our Friday schedule since it is too fun to pass up!
     I love catching the kids “teaching” each other, so I was very pleased when I found Aurora reading a book to Moose. It just happens to be his favorite book The Little House. Moose did some more lessons in AlphaPhonics. I have been reading up on literature discussions since I think we are getting to that age. I am almost done reading Deconstructing Penguins (a great book!) and I am also working on getting some resources to lead Socratic discussions. I think a purchase of Teaching the Classics may be in our future!
     Caspian has been working on making singular words plural in KISS grammar and is doing very well. Aurora is enjoying the free Scott Foresman workbooks for grammar. We completed a few more pages for their spelling notebook in Writing Road to Reading and yet another week went by with no Phonetic Zoo for Caspian. Some things are just too tricky to find extra time for, especially when it is an overlap from another curriculum. They are both doing well with PAL. It is great to see them with more confidence in writing. Their dictation and narration skills are also improving thanks to Writing with Ease. I am getting some great ideas for read alouds from some of the workbook passages!  We finished the Narnia series this week and Caspian is ready to read the books on his own because he already says he misses Narnia! I missed out on the last book since they listened to the audio book at night, and I am tempted to just read it myself. If only I wasn’t reading so many other books on my own! Our current read alouds are Elmer and the Dragon and The Great Redwall Feast. We already read My Father’s Dragon this week and the kids are loving these books. Aurora was upset at first that is wasn’t another Wizard of Oz but she quickly change her mind once we got into the book.
     I think Little Bear is on his way to getting ready for school too! He was wearing this backpack all day, even though it is almost as big as he is!
We also discovered that Little Bear knows how to draw his letters with Letter School.
He is a funny guy! Hope you all had a great week and enjoy the weekend!



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