Week In Review: 9/24-9/28/12

We had another full, but good week around here this past week. Fall is definitely here and the trees are beautiful! Wednesday night church started this week and the kids are very excited about that! I know we need to plan to go apple picking soon so we don’t miss making applesauce this year. Maybe next week!

In our Bible time this week we read about William Tyndale in Hero Tales. Another fantastic example of how powerful God truly is! The kids are still working on Matthew 5:44-45 as their memory verse. Caspian had 4 verses to memorize this week for Bible quizzing before he wraps up chapters 10 and 11 in John. They have their first rally in a little over a week! I can’t wait to see how he does, especially since he will be completing with kids that are older than him.

We did a review week for Latin and Caspian played some of the matching games online for Song School Latin. He scored a 94% when he tested on the entire book, so I guess he really did absorb what I was teaching! I’m sure he will do well with Getting Started with Latin also since Latin seems to just be one of those things he gets.

In Exploring Countries and Cultures this week we studied France. The kids were in awe of how far you can see from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Unfortunately they will have to just take the book’s word for this since we don’t have any plans to travel to France any time soon! Reading about all of the great French food people eat in France made us all very hungry! We make some gingerbread cookies since we had the cookie cutters out for our soap art project anyway. Kids always seem to love making cut-outs! They were eating the cookies before we even had a chance to bake them (don’t worry- there were no eggs in this recipe:).

Writing this week is still going well. I am learning a lot as a teacher from both Writing With Ease and Primary Art of Language. I think we may try doing one day per week using Writing With Ease and use the other 4 days for PAL. Doing both programs every day is just getting to be a little too much. Caspian also worked on writing a friendly letter when he wrote a thank you note to Grandma and Grandpa for his birthday presents. We are working with Aurora on her pencil grip, and I found a few tricks on the Well Trained Mind Forum. She is also very excited that she is learning cursive!

We finally started the actual spelling notebook in Writing Road to Reading and it seems to work well for the kids. They are anxious to get into some more difficult words, but I am still happy we started at the beginning to create a strong spelling foundation. Grammar is going well too. Caspian is working on identifying adverbs and adjectives in KISS. This is another program I am learning a lot from. Caspian seems to really gaining a solid grasp on grammar because of KISS.

We had a chance last week to use some of the Education Unboxed videos with the Cuisenaire Rods. All of the kids are learning math in a completely different way than I did growing up, but hopefully they will understand math on a deeper level than I did. I am staring to see why MEP is so thorough in the number study in Year 1. Even though Aurora was in a grade 2 math program before we started MEP, she really understands numbers more now than she did before.

Moose is continuing to amaze me with his desire to know and learn things. He spent several hours this week working on Magnetic Mosaic and especially loved the dolphin picture.

We are currently reading through The Family Under the Bridge (which ties in very well with our study of France) and are going to begin Little House in the Big Woods tonight. We were fortunate enough to get the free lapbook for Little House in the Big Woods and I am anxious to see how the kids like it since it will be our first lapbook.

Have a fantastic fall weekend!





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