Week in Review 10/1-10/5/12

It was another busy fall week around here! I was sad to learn that apple picking may not happen this year. Not many places are doing pick your own apples, and those that are have very high prices ($25/bushel!). Since we usually get 2 or 3 bushels, it just doesn’t seem economical to do that. I guess it is time to plant some apple trees.

We had a few changes in our school routine this week, and it seems to be going over well. Instead of having all of our books in the family room, we moved them into the dining room since we do most of our school work at the table anyway. I was having trouble with kids sneaking away from the table while I went into the family room to get books, but now all I have to do is reach behind me! We have also set a start time for schooling. I aim to have everyone dresses, breakfast eaten and cleaned up, and ready for school by 9am. Then we work until we are done, only taking a break for lunch. I was so tired of school work lasting late into the afternoon for no other reason than too much dawdling. The kids were done with all of their school work by noon on Thursday and by 11 on Friday (which is a shorter day anyway). Now that we are about 3 months into our year we seem to have fallen into a nice routine!

Our Bible work this week consisted of reading about Martin Luther and John Wesley in Hero Tales. I have decided instead of doing shorter memory verses we are going to set a goal of memorizing Luke 2:1-20 before Christmas. The kids did well memorizing the Beatitudes, so I don’t foresee this being too much for them. Caspian has his first Bible Quiz rally tomorrow- he has worked diligently to memorize his verses.

We had our first several lessons of Getting Started with Latin this week, and I have to say I am very impressed with the book. I love how it basically starts from scratch and builds up word by word. I think it will be a great fit for us, although we do miss the fun of Song School Latin!

Our studies in MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures took us to Germany this week. We had a good week full of cooking and sampling some German dishes, thanks to a German cookbook (Cooking the German Way) from the library! We also did some studying of forests, including the Black Forest in Germany. The kids’ art project was working on drawing animals from the forest using an instructional art book from the library. Caspian had a picture of a wolf with laser eyes zapping a squirrel out of a tree (boys!). Next week we go to Africa!

“Eintopf mit Huhn” (a.k.a. One-Pot Meal with Chicken) made a great dinner!

This week we decided to combine Writing with Ease into one day of work and do Primary Art of Language for the other four days. I love the theory behind both of these programs, but doing them both every day was too much. So this is our plan to fit them both in, at least until we finish PAL.

Caspian is working on adverbs and adjectives in KISS grammar and Aurora is working her way through the Scott Foresman grammar book. She can now identify a sentence from a fragment and it working on identifying subjects. They are both working their way through the spelling list in Writing Road to Reading and have finished sections A-G. Now come the harder words!

We had an epiphany in math this week. Aurora was really dragging her feet with MEP, so I decided I would try printing off her work page and see if it made a difference. She does so much better with the pages printed off instead of working on the iPad. Now Caspian is doing the same, and although we are using more paper, they are happy and it is worth it.

Caspian working with the abacus (a favorite manipulative) to complete his MEP math lesson

We finished reading The Family Under the Bridge this week and the kids immediately asked if there was a sequel (always a great sign that they enjoyed the book!). We are now reading Little House in the Big Woods and doing a lapbook along with it. The kids are enjoying the activities, like making butter (which we succeeded in making!). They were tickled to find out that the illustrator of Little House in the Big Woods also illustrated The Family Under the Bridge. I haven’t decided yet the other book we are going to read yet-there are too many good books and it makes it hard to choose!

Adding a grated carrot to the milk and warming it up gives the butter a nice yellow color

Now shake the cream for 15 minutes…

and shake…

and shake!

The finished product with a nice yellow tint!

Mmm…fresh butter!

Thank goodness we had some fresh pumpkin bread to slather with butter!

I am finding I have some more time to work with Moose in his school work now that we have our schedule for the older kids under control. He is working his way through AlphaPhonics and worked a lot on his Rod & Staff workbooks this week. I’m so glad there is more time for him- the poor kid begs to do school work!

Aurora helps Moose with his AlphaPhonics lesson

Moose had revived the Rod & Staff workbooks

Looking forward to another great week next week! Hope you had a great week too!


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    • It did taste good (I completely had to look up what that meant, LOL!) and it was simple to make- I think we may continue making it even when we are not studying Germany!

    • I just simmered the carrots in 1/4 cup milk on the stovetop (medium heat) until the milk looked a nice orange color- maybe about 3-5 minutes. Then I added the strained milk to 2 cups of cream in the jar. You can also use a stand mixer if you want to do it faster. I was skeptical of the butter-making working, but it did and the kids loved it!

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