Week In Review: 10/8-10/12/12

Two fall birthdays down and two left to go! Aurora and Moose are already picking out what they want on their cakes- hopefully it won’t be too complicated! We are also now officially gluten and dairy free! I have suspicions the kids are reacting to these two triggers. They have complained several times of stomach aches and also are developing a type of eczema. I would like to give it at least 2 weeks and see how it goes. It should be interesting to say the least. I am trying to plan some special treats to make it easier on the kids. Tonight we are making chicken and wild rice soup with some sweet rolls to go with them. Aurora will most likely be assisting me since she absolutely adores helping in the kitchen. Here is a little of what we did for school this week.

We are continuing to work on John 2:1-20 as our Bible memory passage. I would like to find it in audio since I think this would help them. Caspian had his first Bible quiz rally. He had a blast and can’t wait for the next one! I tried to get a few pictures but some were behind a glass window (since some certain little boys were having trouble staying quiet!) so they are a bit blurry.

The kids are doing so well with Primary Art of Language Writing- I couldn’t be more pleased! Right now they are working on Units 1 & 2 (Outlines and Summaries). We skipped Writing with Ease this week to allow me some extra time to make Little Bear’s cake. The spelling notebooks in Writing Road to Reading are a big success and the kids have competitions to see who can name the rule and the letter markings first. They make a competition out of everything! Aurora is learning cursive with How to Tutor and is anticipating the day she can write everything in cursive like Caspian does (competition, again!).

Getting Started with Latin is a huge hit in our house! The kids are doing so well with it and I love the formal. They are beginning to see the grammar connections, which is exactly what I was hoping would happen.  It will be a challenge to find suitable replacement once we are finished. I feel as if I am actually learning Latin now that I am using this book with them. Ideally I would love to learn everything before I have to teach it to the kids, but sometimes it is just not possible unless I want to give up sleeping!

Math is running very smoothly now that we are printing off MEP. The kids are back to doing 2 lessons on most days. I only wish I could print off Reception for Moose, but I am afraid all of the colorful posters would be too much for our printer. We also figured out that we can use  typewriter function on the computer for Math Mammoth without having to print it out or use the iPad. It will give the kids a little practice in typing too (I love multitasking!). They already had their math done this morning before we even had breakfast!

Everyone is working toward their Book-It reading goals. I have them reading 20 minutes per day, and if they want weekends off they have to make up for that during the week. I even have a chart for Moose to encourage him to get his reading lessons done (which isn’t typically a problem anyway). I’m not sure that we will actually get the pizza since I am very certain it is not gluten or dairy free, so I will have to brainstorm what else we could use as a prize. They are still practicing reading aloud with either McGuffy readers or one of the books in our book basket.

We are working our way through our first lapbook as we read Little House in the Big Woods. Aurora absolutely loves the lapbook, but I am not so sure about Caspian yet. I think he may prefer notebooking pages over a lapbook, but time will tell. I think our next read aloud is going to be the Jungle Book since it will go with what we are studying in geography.

This week Exploring Countries and Cultures took us to Africa, or more specifically Kenya. We also studied about grasslands. The kids continually brought up The Lion King while we were talking about the animals that live in grasslands. This week was heavy in art since art is so prominent in African culture. We did three art projects. The first was an African necklace (made from a paper plate). The second was an Egyptian cat.  The final project was weaving- we certainly couldn’t study Africa without learning some weaving (even if it was with paper!). When the markers came out, the little boys were more than happy to join in the fun!

The kids spent most of the afternoon playing the old childhood favorite game- Telephone! Since there are not enough to play a great game of real Telephone, I taught them the alternative Telephone where you change one word in what the next person has whispered to you. Not sure if the dog was actually in the game, but she always likes to be right there with there with the kids.

Another great week around here! Hope you all have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Week In Review: 10/8-10/12/12

  1. What a fun week! Overflowing with goodness. ♥

    If it helps, regarding MEP Reception, I just printed the teacher pages and we did the posters on the computer. If you cut and paste them over to Paint your little one can use the mouse to draw on them.

    • Thanks! I’ll have to keep that in mind with Reception. It is great to have options that don’t involve buying new printer ink! Maybe someday we will have a laser printer and it won’t matter anymore, but for now that sounds like a great option.

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