Week in Review: 10/15-10/19/12

We are officially through our first week of dairy free/ gluten free eating! The kids are actually doing much better eating this way than I expected. I have tried to make some extra special treats to make it easier on them. We have certainly spent a lot of time in the kitchen this week! We also had a good week of school. Spending time cooking and teaching means little time is spent cleaning- so guess what we are doing this evening and tomorrow! It is always nice to start a new week with a clean house anyway. I started a few Pinterest boards to showcase the recipes we are using (or plan to use) for our new way of eating. I am delighted at how willing the kids have been to try new foods- even the little boys!

Peach/Cherry Upside Down Cake- yum!


Indian Chicken Curry- surprisingly a HUGE hit!

Aurora needed a “special” treat to take for Wednesday night church. She is making raw cookie dough bites (egg free!) with a homemade chocolate sauce.

Moose loves to help cut vegetables with his “squiggly” cutter! He is a pro with peppers, carrots, and celery.

I guess that covers cooking school, now here is what we did for “regular” school. We read about Adoniram and Ann Judson, the first foreign missionaries. It is so encouraging to see how much people will go through just to teach others about Jesus! Aurora’s church class is also collecting money for some of our missionaries that are working in Kyrgyzstan so that was a great tie-in.  The kids have 2 verses memorized in Luke 2:1-20 so we are on our way!

We studied Saudi Arabia in Exploring Countries and Cultures this week. We had some great discussions this week since this is the area of the world where Daddy went to war. I love when he comes in and shares with the kids some of the things he has personally seen and experienced since he has been to so many places! They get so much more out of this than they would get from a book anyway. We did some mosaic art work this week. When it was all said and done I think Aurora made 5 pictures. She loves her art projects!

Glue and paper squares- what else could a child want?!

The kids are doing so well with their writing that I am really debating my idea of doing our own program and instead just sticking with IEW. I am truly impressed with the work they are producing. We are still trying to squeeze in some Writing With Ease, but the kids definitely prefer IEW. Aurora is working very hard to get her cursive handwriting to look just perfect. She used an app on the iPad for some practice.

We had a great week with math- have I mentioned lately how much I love MEP?! Caspian is working on shapes and getting ready to start with perimeter, and Aurora had her number facts up to 9 done (without using her fingers- hurray!).  I can see how this math program can easily work for just about any child. We love it and don’t plan to switch any time soon!

Our read alouds seem to be hits- I see reading more Little House on the Prairie books in our future. They also love the Jungle Book and the illustrations are excellent! The kids are continuing on with their reading goals for BookIt (although I still have to find a replacement for pizza!).

Most of our other subjects we just continued on through the next week. I have found as long as we get the majority of our work done before lunch we have a productive day. If we put it off until afternoon we just don’t get everything done (maybe that is from all of the cooking!). I have even debated doing a mid-morning snack and pushing lunch back a little later to get more done. I am also almost finished with our science curriculum for next year- I just need to find a few more experiments. The job of a teacher is never done! Time to go clean up the house:) Have a great weekend!






2 thoughts on “Week in Review: 10/15-10/19/12

  1. We eat gluten and dairy free, plus low soy for Care Bear and no nuts for Little Miss. I’ve found a great pizza crust recipe in this book, plus our favorite chicken noodle soup with dumplings recipe. I HIGHLY recommend this recipe book. 🙂

    I use either hemp or soy milk as a milk substitute in recipes because the flavor isn’t as distinct. Best wishes!

    • Thanks for the book recommendation! There are definitely some great resources out there. I just recently purchased the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook and we have enjoyed every recipe we have tried so far. Sometimes it pays to buy a good cookbook! It is good to know we aren’t the only family eating this way:)

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