Week in Review 10/22-10/26/12

Another fun fall week around here! We had our first homeschooling field trip of the school year. We went to a local country market that sets up an outdoor building as a fall themed play area for the kids. I can’t tell you how many times the kids ask when it is time to go on this trip- they look forward to it every year! The weather is always questionable this time of year, but the day of our trip was a beautiful sunny 75 degree day! After a hard day of playing the kids slept very well:)

Little Bear has no fear when it comes to slides (or anything else for that matter!)


Taking a break on the way up the slide


Moose rides the straw horse with the slides in the background


It took Moose a while, but eventually he decided to go down the slide (and he loved it!)


Caspian leads Little Bear through part of the straw maze


Aurora loved the rope swing (and Little Bear loved climbing on the straw!)


Look at those muscles (and red cheeks)!

The kids had a great day spending time with their friends and enjoying the beautiful weather ( and the moms enjoyed it too!). We skipped art for this week since we had our trip on our normal art day, but no complaints from the kids- I think it was worth missing an art project for the week! We spent the rest of Thursday at Grandma and Grandpa’s house raking the biggest pile of leaves to jump in. It was just about high enough to cover the kids standing up! During the raking we discovered a few woolly bears on the ground. They were begging to come home with us and become pets for Caspian and Aurora. So instead of Friday being a school work make up day it became woolly bear day! The kids have carried their “pets” (which they have named “Billy” and “Tom”) all over the house. They were even playing on the train table! I’m not sure if they will last until spring, but for now the kids are enjoying them.

Caspian told me “Billy” was biting him during this picture



A close-up shot of Tom


These woolly bears have really been everywhere- including Little Bear’s head!

OK, now to the actual school work we did for the week. We are studying India in Exploring Countries and Cultures. Both of the kids are reading books having to do with climbing Mount Everest since science this week is about mountains. We had to make the Indian Chicken Curry again this week since we were actually studying India. I don’t know what I did to it this time, but it was spicy! The little boys still ate it without complaint so the spice must not bother them!

Latin is getting more challenging as we add more and more words to their vocabulary. I can see this subject, much like math, will not be able to be skipped for much more than a week without forgetting words. Right now we have it scheduled for 3 days a week and that seems to be a good amount for everyone.

I am very pleased with how well the kids are doing with Writing Road to Reading for spelling. The kids don’t complain about spelling and the marking system works well for them. I am still debating adding in some extra practice for them with Natural Speller, but if I do that it probably will not be until December.

We are continuing to read aloud The Jungle Book and Little House in the Big Woods. The kids are enjoying both of these, but we had a few late nights this week and didn’t get to as much reading as I would have hoped. Oh well! As it gets closer to winter I am sure there will be plenty of time to read.

We had several more cooking projects this week as we continue our gluten free/ dairy free eating. I am trying to keep track of the online recipes we use on Pinterest so I don’t have to do a search every time I am looking for a recipe. This kids both “cheated” at Wednesday night church and I could definitely see changes in their behavior. It just reminded me why we are doing this in the first place:) We have had to get creative with a few things (like having peanut butter and jelly on banana bread for our field trip- delicious!) but so far so good!

I will leave you with a picture of King Little Bear who insisted on wearing his blanket around him like a cape! It wouldn’t stay so we had to use a chip clip. What a silly boy! Have a great weekend!

The King on his throne





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