Happy 7th Birthday, Aurora!

Today our only little princess, Aurora, officially turns 7! She is such a blessing to our family, and especially to me. When the boys are off being boys she is always willing to help me keep the house under control. She really is a little mom in training! Aurora has such a sweet heart and I have caught her numerous times sharing something or encouraging someone. She is all girl and loves dressing up, playing with dolls (paper dolls are her favorite right now), and cooking with me in the kitchen. Every day she asks for a baby sister and I think if she had one she may never ask for a birthday or Christmas present again!

Aurora was a great sport with our recent gluten free/ dairy free diet and was willing to make some changes in the typical birthday meal. For dinner we had some spaghetti with rice noodles and peas. We actually had to celebrate her birthday a day early because of Daddy’s work schedule and Wednesday night church.

Aurora was in a silly mood all evening!

Believe it or not, we succeeded in making a grain free and dairy free cake! Aurora loves gummies, and although I don’t allow them a lot, I decided to make an exception for the day and decorate her cake with butterfly gummies.

Yep, still in a silly mood.

Make a Wish (probably for a baby sister)!

Aurora is so easy to buy presents for. She is really into paper dolls right now so she received some American Girl and Little House in the Big Woods paper dolls. Her favorite book this year was Lulu and the Brontosaurus so we bought her the sequel, Lulu Walks the Dog. She also wanted some boots like mine and spent a lot of time picking out the right boots. Grandma and Grandpa bought her an adorable skirt and are taking her out to pick out some more presents.

Here she is this morning all dressed and ready for Grandma to take her shopping (complete with her new boots and skirt).

Never did I think we would be worrying about a hurricane on Aurora’s birthday, but true to her character she just went with the flow. I can’t imagine our family without a sweet daughter like her! Happy Birthday, Aurora!



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