Week in Review: 10/29-11/2/12

Well, we made it through our 3rd Birthday celebration this week- yay! The kids were also able to complete all of their school work this week (minus the art project we are doing today). They insisted we had a short day on Wednesday since it just wouldn’t be right to have a full day of school work on Aurora’s Birthday! The weather was perfect for a good week of school- rainy and cold, so no one wanted to go outside! The weather did create other problem- namely a leaking chimney- but overall we had a great week!

Caspian continues to work hard on his Bible quizzing. He seems to just be one of those kids that has a good memory. The kids also have about a quarter of Luke 2:1-20 memorized, so it looks like it may indeed be done by Christmas! We read about Hudson Taylor in Hero Tales since he was a missionary in China. Some of the stories in this book are so interesting to me since I didn’t really read a ton of missionary stories growing up. The kids seem to enjoy them too. They are each reading daily from their own devotional- Caspian’s is Sword Fighting and Aurora’s is Day by Day. Caspian decided that the table just wasn’t a good place to read anymore, so he read on the floor. Ah the joys of homeschooling!

Our country for the week in Exploring Countries and Cultures was China. For some reason the one fact that seems to stand out for the kids is the Great Wall of China- it had them very intrigued. We are going to end the week with a nice stir-fry to celebrate with some Chinese cuisine. The kids played a review game this week with their geography cards. They placed all of the cards on the table with the definition side down. Then I read the definition and they had to find the card. They did really well, but of course, it turned into another competition of who had the most correct.

Both Caspian and Aurora are half way through their levels of MEP and are still doing very well. I think when we take our break for December I will have them work through some more Math Mammoth since it is a little more independent anyway. Moose was showing me this week that he knows his numbers up to 30- it is amazing what he learns from his older siblings because I did not teach him these yet! As Moose loves to say, he is one smart cookie!

The kids are working on their first verb memorization in Getting Started with Latin. I am going to have to work hard to keep up with them and their memories- mine is just not quite as fast! I think they miss the songs from Song School Latin, but they are doing very well anyway even if it isn’t quite as fun.

The week ended here with some time playing on BrainPop and BrainPopJr. since it was free. The kids really enjoyed it and Caspian worked very hard at a Trip to the White House game where he tried to get elected as president. He is learning so much about the election process. Dad promised to team up with him to win an election after he gets home from Bible Quizzing- watch out White House!

The little boys were busy this week playing with the freshly organized toys. We spend several hours putting toys together that go together and getting rid of the rest. They were very excited to play with all of the VeggieTales characters- now if I could only convince Little Bear to keep all of his clothes on we would be set!

I finally finished our science curriculum that we will start in January (it is listed under the Homemade Studies tab if you are interested). Now the only thing left to figure out is our Bible curriculum. I found a great website (http://www.characterjournal.com/) and I think I will use that as a jumping off point for a character trait study. I am hoping to have it done by Thanksgiving so that I can take the month of December off too! Overall, we had a great and productive week- hope your went well too!