Week in Review: 11/5-11/9/12

We survived our first week of the time change- yippee! If only the kids could understand the whole “extra” hour of sleep, because at this age all it does is mess up nap time, bed time, and meal times. We are slowly getting adjusted with a lot of extra snacks and a very sleep deprived 2-year-old boy!

Not sure if Sydney wants his snack or was just watching the movement on the iPad, but she staying here for about 20 minutes!

We survived our first plumbing problem without having to call anyone for help- does that make us official homeowners now? Thanks to YouTube we were able to fix a jammed garbage disposal. I am trying to follow along with the November Declutter on the Well Trained Mind Forum and the garbage disposal issue forced me to complete the job I had put off for so long- cleaning out under the sink. All I have to say is yuck (our garbage is under there too, which creates most of the mess)! We also finished cleaning out the garage in preparation for winter- both cars can fit in the garage now! We had what will hopefully be our last chimney repair for a while. It will be lovely to actually use the fireplace instead of just looking at it.

Wednesday night I had one of those moments that made me realize I need to spend more time with Moose and his school work. We dropped the older two kids off at church, Little Bear was already in bed (thank you time change!), and Daddy was exercising, so it was just Moose and me. I told him he could choose whatever he wanted us to do together, and what did he choose- school work. I felt horrible that I have been neglecting his school work in favor of other things, so my goal for the week is to make his work a higher priority. I may as well take advantage of his love for school work now!

Speaking of school work, here is what we accomplished for the week. Caspian has a week off of Bible Quizzing so the house is a little more boisterous this morning. His goal for the day is to work on his verses since he doesn’t have practice. The kids are on verse 11 in their memorization of Luke 2:1-20. They keep saying they will never get it done in time, but I don’t think they realize how much time they have left! I can’t wait to hear them recite the whole thing! We read our last story in Hero Tales and it was about Gladys Alyward. Our church library has the next few volumes so we may have to check those out next!

We studied Japan this week in Exploring Countries and Cultures. This is the first country that Aurora has expressed a real interest in visiting. The kids were amazed at their airport since it was built on a man-made island. It must be a beautiful country if people are willing to risk all of the natural disaster that occur there. We watched a few documentaries for kids about Japan and it looks like a great place (and the food looks delicious too!). We worked more on our tangram art project and used a library book to tell a story with tangrams (Grandfather Tang’s Story). The kids loved making animals with the tangrams. Next week our country is Russia, the last country we study in Asia.

A Christmas tree (someone else must love Christmas as much as I do)!

I can now say that I learned something in Latin this week I don’t think I ever knew- a predicate nominative. If I learned this in school it must have been a very short introduction because I have no recollection of it. We also worked on direct objects. I am starting to see now how kids who learn Latin have a much easier time with grammar.

I started spelling lists of the words in Natural Speller and creating the lists in Spelling City so the kids can have some extra practice with common words. They are doing well with Writing Road to Reading but I am not seeing it completely transferring into their writing. I am hoping we can remedy this with a little fun practice.

We are finishing up The Jungle Book and Little House in the Big Woods this weekend and will start reading The Big Wave and the last book of the My Father’s Dragon series. The kids picked out some good books from the library yesterday, and hopefully they will actually finish them! Caspian spent quite a bit of time last night reading to Moose and afterward they both fell asleep very quickly! I am putting together a list of Christmas books to read while we are off of school for December- there are so many good ones to choose from. We are also trying to figure out some crafts the kids could do for all of their other teachers (Sunday school, Wednesday night, piano, etc.). It looks like December will be busy as usual. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Little Bear- finally happy and rested by the end of the week!