Happy 4th Birthday, Moose!

Today we celebrate the last birthday in our family birthday season. That great honor belongs to Moose, our third child. Moose has such an easy-going and pleasant personality- he is a joy to have as a child! He loves all of the things boys love- cars, trains, climbing, jumping,- but he is also very sensitive and sweet. Moose would be content to sit on my lap and read all day. He is great at telling stories and always makes us laugh with the phrases that he blurts out from time to time. When he has time away from his siblings he loves to talk- and talk- and talk! But I love to hear all he has to say and adore the way he explains things. His mind is so sharp and I can see him doing great things some day. I catch glimpses of a little man when I look at him now; he is no longer just a little boy.

Moose wanted to make sure he was well rested for his birthday so he took a little snooze in Dad’s chair yesterday.

Much like with the other birthdays, Moose was thoroughly convinced he did not turn 4 until he actually ate his cake. He wanted cupcakes, but I also made him a special little cake that he could eat all on his own (white cake with chocolate frosting!).

Moose is pretty easy to buy presents for because he just gets so excited about any present! This year he received some Angry Bird pajamas and some coloring sets, some pattern blocks and books to go with them, a Blue’s Clues computer game, and some Cars Drifters. He was so happy about the presents that he had a hard time deciding what to play with first! He did say he was sleepy because he wanted to wear his new pajamas:)

Oh, to have that kind of excitement again! I wish we could keep Moose at the age he is right now because he is growing up so fast! I can’t imagine our family without Moose- we definitely would not laugh as much! He is such a special boy and we are truly blessed to have him. Happy Birthday, Moose!


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