Week in Review: 11/12-11/16/12

We had a pretty mellow week around here considering we even had a birthday celebration! We are trying to start holiday preparations early since we never seem to get everything done unless we plan, plan, plan. I am making lists of the cookies we will bake, the books we will read, the crafts we will make, the presents I will make for the kids, and just some general goals for our break. We want to make the most of our time off of school work.


Aurora had her “twinkle graduation” in piano this week. The first several months of their piano instruction involve learning different rhythms to the tune of “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and the teacher has a graduation once they have finished this phase. She did very well, despite being just a bit nervous.

The kids are half way through their memory work of Luke 2:1-20. They still insist it will never be done in time, but I beg to differ. I have been going through the character traits on www.characterjournal.com to work on our character study for next semester. There are some great things on that website, especially considering it is free! The kids will still continue their own devotionals, but I think the added character trait study will be really good for all of us.

We were supposed to study Russia and the Arctic this week, but Aurora and Caspian were confusing the Arctic and Antarctica, so we decided to throw Antarctica in the mix this week too. We spent some time comparing and contrasting the two, and I even learned some things this week I didn’t know before! That leaves next week as our last week for Exploring Countries and Cultures. We will study Australia as our last country. Hopefully we can get it all in next week since we won’t be actually celebrating Thanksgiving until Saturday due to scheduling conflicts.

We are almost finished with PAL writing, and Aurora and Caspian continue to impress me with their writing. We only have next week left before we move to the creative writing part of PAL. Caspian’s eyes lit up when he saw creative writing. He can fill pages and pages of his “stories” so it should be fun for him. I think we are going to try working more on Writing With Ease once we finish PAL just to make sure they have the narration and dictation down. We should probably have some opportunities to practice writing letters after Christmas.

Caspian is becoming the king of grammar thanks to Getting Started with Latin. He can pick out a direct object, even though he has yet to study this in KISS grammar. I am really loving teaching with this book and am excited to see what else we will learn throughout the upcoming year!

Moose was very excited to use his new pattern blocks, although I could not convince him to change out of his new Angry Birds pajamas.

Little Bear also spent the day wearing Caspian’s Angry Bird pajama shirt, which really looked more like a dress!

Since everyone was loving pajamas this week we decided to have a pajama morning this morning since we only had a few bits of school work this week. The kids were very happy to do math in a more relaxed atmosphere.

We finished the Dragons of Blueland this week and we are almost finished with The Big Wave, which Caspian is loving since he is very interested in natural disasters right now. After we finish that book I think it may be time to start some Christmas stories, just to make sure we have plenty of time to read some great books!

I’m off to go finish my grocery list for our Thanksgiving recipes. Have a great weekend everyone!




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