A Break from the Norm and a Time for Reflection

How do you even begin to process what happened yesterday in Connecticut? It is unfathomable but hits close to home as our small “safe” town fits the description of Newtown. Every thing I do with my children today brings heartbreaking thoughts of those families that no longer have their sweet babies in their lives. I can’t even imagine. So this week instead of letting you all know what we have been doing I am going to go and hug my children tight and spend some more meaningful time with them- remembering to enjoy every second I am blessed to enjoy their presence in my life. Instead of discussing how this could have happened I will be spending much time with prayer and fasting for so many suffering families because this is truly something that is unable to be explained. We will catch you up on our weekly event next week, but for now I encourage you all to go spend some time with those people you treasure and love the most and never forget that each moment we are given is a special gift that can never be taken back.