Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

I can’t believe the holidays have already come and gone! The years just seem to go by faster and faster! We had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas at our house this year. The kids were very excited to open their presents on Christmas morning, and I was anxious to see their reactions to all of the homemade presents! Most everything was a big hit- hurray! I am already trying to plan some things to make for next year to prevent the entire month of December having to be devoted to making presents. I plan to do a post on the homemade gifts sometime soon after the house calms down from the chaos. Here are some photos of the present opening in action.








I think the kids were pretty happy with their presents! Although we technically had a white Christmas, there was minimal snow. The kids were very excited when a snow storm the day after Christmas brought plenty of snow to allow them to play outside!


Little Bear absolutely loves the snow!


Who says swing sets are only for summer?!


Don’t do it, Caspian!


Moose did not enjoy the wind gusts!



They were ready for their new fleece blankets and some nice warm hot chocolate after spending too much time in the cold air outside!



New Year’s Eve brought more snow and an opportunity to go sledding at Grandma’s neighbor’s house (pictures to come tomorrow!). We were very happy to spend the evening all together as a family. Last year we started a tradition of writing down our favorite memories of the past year and writing our goals for the upcoming year. It was great for the kids to see what goals they were able to accomplish this year- they did pretty well! And now we have new goals for next year:) We spent the evening snacking on shrimp cocktail, sausage dip with chips, chocolate drizzled popcorn, gingerbread cookies, and some sparkling grape juice. The kids were asleep before the actual new year started, but they were happy to celebrate before bedtime anyway! Cheers to a fantastic 2013 to one and all!