Week In Review: 1/21-1/25/13

Ok, so maybe this is actually a two weeks in review:) This past week we yet again experienced some of the wonderful reasons homeschooling is fantastic for our family. My dad was having some health issues and we needed flexibility to help him and my mom in ways that aren’t in our typical schedule. But we were able to do what we needed to do without having to deal with calling schools, picking kids up from schools, doing “make-up” work, and all of the other things associated with going to school. I love this part of homeschooling! So we had to squeeze a few extra things in this week that were skipped last week, but it was no big deal. Fantastic!

We are doing well with our history and the kids seems to really enjoy Mystery of History. We are adding in our own timeline (using timeline figures from Confessions of a Homeschooler) and reading as many supplemental living history books that we have time for. I just love it when we can make connections between MOH, our read alouds, and the timeline! Our timeline is getting large already and I am having thoughts of hanging it up in the hallway– we’ll see!


The timeline is beginning to fill up!

We are officially switching our math from MEP to Math Mammoth. I really love MEP, but teaching with a program that is teacher intensive to 3 different grade levels (and knowing that it will eventually be 4 grade levels) was just a little too much. I am alright with math taking a good chunk of time, but I just felt as if the kids were always waiting for me to do their teaching and not getting as much work done as I hoped. Plus, they all seem to benefit from the mastery approach to Math Mammoth. So for now we are using the Blue Series and the kids are doing well! I am still using a bit of MEP with Moose since he is not quite reading to do Math Mammoth, but the other kids can work pretty much independently in their math. This gives me some breathing room since it seems like so many of our other subjects are teacher intensive.


Aurora was very excited when she started some introductory multiplication!


Moose has been begging for his own math binder. Now he has one:)


Little Bear continues to play with trains- everywhere and all the time!

Our science studies for the last two weeks included dinosaurs (which I had put off for a week since we were also studying them in history) and bats. Our experiment for dinosaur science involved making fossils!


All of the kids enjoyed making different fossil imprints.


waiting for the fossils to dry:)


The drying fossils! Little Bear learned that although these may be round like cookies, they certainly do NOT taste like cookies- yuck!

We learned a lot about echo location when we studied bats. The kids all enjoyed this little experiment where the sound waves bounced off the pie plate into the other paper roll.




Our other subjects are all going well! We seem to have hit a groove with our curriculum choices, which is really a great feeling after struggling to find things that work. We had a real cold spell so there was not much time spent outside. But now that the kids are running at least I know that are getting some exercise!


Grandma’s dog, Mollie, trying to stay warm!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I love your blog Honey! It helps me keep up with the kids and what they are doing in school. And the pictures are always great!

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