Week in Review: 1/28-2/1/13

Wow- I can not believe it is February! A month down and this year is flying by already! The kids are anxious for some warm weather so they can play outside- and so am I! We had a productive school week with no major distractions or interruptions. I am finally feeling a sense of calm about homeschooling and am gaining some confidence that I can do this and be successful. It is a great feeling and I think our schooling is a lot more relaxed because of it.

This year our long Bible memory passage is Psalm 139. Since Aurora just finished learning all her cursive letters I thought it would be a good idea to keep her practicing. So I created some worksheets on Worksheet Works (a great website for copywork!) and both of the kids are copying Psalm 139. They can practice handwriting and work on their memory work at the same time! I love multitasking:)




Math is going really well using Math Mammoth. Aurora and Caspian are learning some great things and some new techniques in math that I didn’t even know about! I was trying to hold off on starting Moose, but he would have none of that! He is doing very well in the Addition 1 book. The poor boy was having some trouble writing his greater than/ less than sign (unfortunately his math skills are more advanced that his writing skills). I remedied the situation by cutting him a little cardboard sign he could use to show me the answer and then I would scribe for him. Then he was really flying through the pages! This little guy is going to be a hard one to keep challenged I am afraid.100_1204


Mystery of History took us to Ancient Egypt this week. We studied the pyramids and mummies (which is about the only thing I remember from studying ancient history!). We used one of Aurora’s baby dolls as a mummy model, but then quickly had to unwrap her since we have a dog that loves to eat toilet paper (weird, I know). We read some great books about Egypt, but I think our favorite was Ms. Frizzle’s Adventures in Ancient Egpyt. The kids love all of the little jokes that are scattered throughout the book. Our timeline is growing and growing too! The timeline pieces from Confessions of a Homeschooler were a great purchase and Aurora and Caspian do a fantastic job coloring them.


We studied butterflies this week in science and are going to be growing some plants in an attempt to attract more of them to our yard. We still have the woolly bears hibernating on the front porch in anticipation of spring! I am so glad that science is actually getting done in our house now. It was one of those subjects I always held back on either because of time or needing more supplies. But this year since we are using Magic School Bus (or “Magic the School Bus” as Moose calls it) we are actually getting things done.

Our language arts lineup is getting a bit of a makeover too, but I think I will wait posting on that until I know for sure it is going to work:) The one part that will not change is Latin. I can’t believe how well the kids do with Getting Started with Latin. Aurora surprises me every day with what she can remember. The kids remember more than I do!

Hoping for another great week next week (that can happen two weeks in a row, right?)! Have a great weekend!