Week In Review: 2/4-2/8/13

Another great week around here- and, knock on wood, everyone has stayed healthy! I am amazed at how healthy the kids have been despite going to church twice a week (and other various places where germs like to fly!). It has been since Thanksgiving that they had their last cold, and it has been since last spring for me. I have to attribute a lot of this to our diet which consists of very little sugar, very few grains, and very limited dairy. The kids also drink water kefir (probiotics) every day. So somethings is working, although I know just writing this will invite multitudes of germs:)

We started a new aspect of our Bible study. The kids still each do their own devotionals, Caspian works on Bible Quizzing, we work on the Character Qualities, and now we have added S.O.A.P. to our lineup. In case you aren’t familiar, S.O.A.P. is a way of studying scripture verse by verse. The abbreviations stand for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. We all do this together (including me!). The kids are learning that not everything has a wrong and right answer. So things are open to individual interpretation. This has been challenging since they are so used to me telling them if they are wrong, but now the “answers” are completely up to them. I love how they are being stretched to really understand scriptures and figure out how it applies to them. I see this doing great things for all of us! I will be adding just a simple notebooking page for doing S.O.A.P. since the kids prefer this paper to using a notebook, but I prefer to just use a notebook. Either way I would recommend looking into it- such a simple and powerful activity.

Our new and improved language arts lineup is going well enough that I thought I would share exactly what we are doing. So here is it!


Spelling: Natural Speller for spelling (I am using common words the kids need to learn like colors, numbers, months, days, etc.)

Writing: Work on a writing project from Comprehensive Composition (this week we are working on outlining

Grammar: KISS grammar for Aurora and Blue Book of Grammar for Caspian

Reading: 30 minutes free reading and read aloud from McGuffey readers

TUESDAY: (our short day of school work because of piano lessons)

Spelling: Review phonograms from Writing Road to Reading, use Spelling City to work on list from Natural Speller

Writing: Copywork and editing from our current read aloud

Grammar: same as Monday

Reading: 30 minutes free reading and narration of a short story


Spelling: Work on spelling words from Writing Road to Reading; games on Spelling City

Writing: Read poetry together

Grammar: same as Monday

Reading: same as Monday


Spelling: same as Wednesday

Writing: use the passage from Tuesday as a dictation passage

Grammar: same as Monday

Reading: same as Tuesday


Spelling: test the words from Monday’s Natural Speller list

Writing: Free Writing (they both chose to write a poem today) and a lesson from Igniting Writing

Grammar: listen to a chapter of Grammarland and read a book by either Ruth Heller or Brian Cleary that pertains to what they listened to

Reading: 30 minutes of free reading

This seems to work well and we will continue to use it as long as it does.


Aurora was first up to read some poems about winter for Poetry Wednesday. No, that is not her cup of coffee:)


Moose enjoyed listening to poems and having a snack!


Caspian’s turn to read! He does a great job reading poetry.


We had a beautiful sunny day for poetry reading!

In math this week Aurora discovered exactly how useful an abacus can be. She was asking me why I didn’t introduce it to her sooner since it really helps her with her work. We watched a few videos from Education Unboxed and the kids continue to do well and learn new things! I think I am ready to just on the Miquon ship for Moose. He loves using the C-Rods and I can see Miquon being a good fit for him. Plus it will slow him down a bit in Math Mammoth. Right now he is enjoying playing math with things like the Brain Quest game he received for his birthday.


Aurora + Abacus= easy math!


Pick a number card!


Brain Quest has some of the neatest games for kids, and the bonus is that they are educational


We studied bees in science this week. I still can’t believe how much the Magic School Bus captivates the kids. We also did an experiment with our sense of smell, since bees use smelling more than they do seeing. I blindfolded the kids and had them try to guess what they were smelling. The got most of them right, and then wanted to play “the smelling game” for the rest of the day.


The kids are ready to start the “smelling game”.


Since Aurora is my kitchen helper, she knew right away this was vanilla.


Caspian figured it out too!

We are still in Ancient Egypt this week for history, specifically studying Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph. I was worried that the kids would not have enough age-appropriate books to read, but I was wrong. A couple of their favorites from this week were Adventures in Ancient Egypt (the Good Times Travel Agency) and The 5000 Year Old Puzzle. I think we are going to start reading the Golden Goblet as our read aloud. I also started adding our books to the timeline so the kids can connect the books with where they belong in history.

Tonight for Friday movie night we are watching The Bee Movie since the kids are so fascinated with bees right now (we had to make sure we ate honey with breakfast too). So it is time to go get the house cleaned up for movie night! Have a great weekend!


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  1. Interesting read! Congratulations on good health this year. 🙂 I always feel so successful as a mom when that happens (which it doesn’t)! I’m interested in the water kefir. What exactly is that? Do you mix a dry packet with water?

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