Where to Start with Azure


Our most recent order from Azure

It has been only three short months since I began ordering from Azure Standard, and let me tell you that I am impressed! It is not very often you find a company so committed to providing people with healthy food. Their customer service is phenomenal and the variety of their products can’t be beat! But, since most of us are used to buying our food at a local grocery store, it can be a little tricky to learn the ropes of ordering through Azure. Hopefully after reading this you will have some of your questions answered and will be ready to place an order- trust me, you won’t regret it!

How do I find out if Azure delivers to my area? There is a list on Azure’s website found here that describes some of the states and areas where they deliver. Here in Ohio, there is a great trucking company called Covenant Ranch Trucking that brings our Azure orders to us. Check out the list and see if your area is on there.

How do I set up an account with Azure? You can either sign up here or call Azure at (541) 467-2230. It is free to create an account. Then you call or email their customer service to find a drop point closest to you. Many of the drop points also have Facebook groups you can join too.

There are so many choices. How do I decide what to order? I think this is one point that keeps people from ordering with Azure. They have so many great products to choose from that it is hard to narrow it down! I have a few suggestions to get you started.

1) If I know something specific I am looking for, I find it easiest to search for it on Azure’s website. There is also a feature on their website where you can look at categories. This is nice if you are looking for something like frozen fruits and you want to see what varieties they have. I always check their produce section since that changes seasonally.

2) If you want to browse the catalog but the big catalog is too intimidating, look through the quarterly sales catalog. It is much less overwhelming and you have the opportunity to get some items for a cheaper price too! Once you have a free evening it is great to go through the big catalog. I have mine dog-eared and marked up so that I know where my favorite products can be found.

3) Pick 5-10 things that are staples in your house. Since our family eats gluten-free, some of our staples include almonds, dried fruits, coconut flour, frozen fruit, coconut oil, Real salt, spices, fresh produce, etc. When you find your staples check Azure’s website to see what they have. You will probably be surprised not only by what is available, but also at the prices!

Does Azure cater to non-gluten-free eaters? Absolutely! Since we do eat gluten-free I know I talk about that a lot. Their company has so many more options available for gluten-free than what I have locally, and that is very exciting! But that does not mean if you don’t eat gluten-free that you will be left out. Azure caters to all different types of eaters. Do you prefer premade meals and breads? They have those. Are you a vegetarian or vegan? They have products for you. Do you make everything from scratch and just want good quality ingredients? Azure will work for you too!

I don’t have “extra” money, so how can I order? As a frugal mom of 4 living on one income I know how precious money can be. The items we order from Azure are part of our grocery bill, not an added bonus. The things I buy at Azure are things I would be buying at the grocery store anyway. And I get the added bonus of not having to wait in a store with the temptation to buy things that are not on my list:) Every month I try to order a few more things from Azure so I can lessen the time I have to spend grocery store hopping locally (I typically have to go to 4 different stores to get everything we need- what an ordeal!). Since we eat gluten-free our food budget is a little higher, but it has huge payoffs. We are so much healthier and I can proudly say that even with 4 kids under the age of 9 we didn’t make a single trip to the doctor this past year. So that is a way we are able to compensate more money for better food.

Does it really save you money to buy through Azure? Yes, it does! We are spending money on food that is backed by a wonderful company that sells only the best food they can find. I trust their judgment and know where there company stands when it comes to how food is grown and how products are made. I have had several occasions where I have purchased produce from the store because it was cheaper and I was trying to save a little money. I pay for this in the end because it doesn’t taste good and most often spoils so quickly that we never get a chance to use it! I have had great success ordering amazing food from Azure, and that is much better to me than tempting fate trying to buy food from a grocery store that is coming from an unknown location. Azure’s prices are very competitive too and I only buy items that are cheaper through them. Check out their prices and you may be surprised! Where else can you get organic apples for about $1 per pound?!

I really don’t need 25 lb. bags of items. Do I have to order in bulk? No you don’t. That is the great thing about Azure. You can order in bulk if you want to, but they also have options to buy smaller sizes. The bulk items are usually a bit cheaper, but not enough to make it the only way to buy. The other option you have is getting an order together with some friends and dividing a bulk item.

Does Azure only sell food? No. You may be surprised at how many different things this company sells. They offer everything from cleaning products to pet food, plant food, plants, baking products, toiletries, makeup, and many more! They also are open to suggestions from their customers on other products to offer. So if you want something they don’t have, just send them an email and you may just see if offered before too long:)

How much do I have to order? Your minimum order for the month is $50. The great thing about Azure’s website is that your cart is saved each time you add something as long as you are signed into your account. So when I run out of something or think of a product I want for next month I can simply add it to my cart and not worry about forgetting it when it comes time to order. You can also add the products you buy often to your “favorites” list and have them easily accessible every month.

Here are a few downloads to further assist you in getting started:

New to Azure & Customer Handbook

Our Local Co-op Flier

So what are you waiting for?! Go check out Azure Standard and get an order in- I promise you will not be sorry! Talk to your friends and spread the word! Companies like this need our support as they do their very best to offer us the freshest and healthiest products available!

*Stay tuned for more “Tasty Tuesday” posts made possible by the wonderful products I have available to me now thanks to Azure:)