Lilla Rose: A Review

*I was blessed to receive a Lilla Rose flexi clip for review. All of the thoughts and opinions expressed in this review were my own. I would never recommend a product I didn’t love and use for my own family.

What makes a hair product worthy of use in our house? Well, for me it has to be functional, neutral enough to be used with many outfits, comfortable, durable (able to stay in through a whole day of cooking, cleaning, schooling,…whatever I may be doing that particular day), and of course, I would love it to be beautiful!

Now what about Aurora? For her, a hair product needs to be comfortable (she will definitely let me know if her hair tie is too tight), able to stay in her hair (most clips just slide out of her hair after about an hour), and since she loves pretty things it would need to beautiful for her.

Does something that can do all of this actually exist? You may be surprised to find out that is actually does! I was honored to be given an opportunity to review a Lilla Rose clip for Jennifer. Since I love multi-functional things I decided to get a flexi clip that both Aurora and I could use. I went with the extra small Flexi Clip classic etched cross. Now it was time to put the flexi clip to the test:)

Test #1- Would the hair clip be beautiful in both of our eyes? The answer…absolutely yes! As soon as we opened the package we were both impressed with how elegant this clip really was. Since Aurora asked so sweetly, I allowed her to be the first to use it. I sent her off to play with her brothers with strict instructions to bring the clip back to me if it fell out of her hair. Well, a few hours later, it was still in her hair! I was amazed!

Test #2- Would it be comfortable enough to leave in? Ok, how many of you have little girls that go to church with their hair put up in nice ribbons and bows only to come home with missing hair pieces and disheveled hair? Is that only me?! Well, I can’t tell you how many clips, bows, headbands, etc. have been taken out during church time. Sometimes they come home, sometimes they don’t. So our next test for the Lilla Rose clip was to see if it would withstand a morning at church. Again, Aurora had instructions to put the clip in her bag if it should happen to fall out. After a full morning of church, it remained in her hair the entire time…no complaints either! Wow, these clips are good!

Test #3- Would it stay in ALL day long? This is a huge deal around here. I am not sure we have ever had Aurora’s hair up all day. Between her sensitive scalp and her need to play rough like her brothers, it just doesn’t happen. So would the clip really stay in her hair all day long? Here is the answer:


I took this picture in the morning when I put her hair up.


After I full day of running, playing, bike riding, and even laying down to watch a movie, it is still in her hair! Yes, it is a little crooked, but I didn’t hear a single complaint about it all day and I did not have to put it back in at all.

We have a winner! The Lilla Rose clip passed all of our tests! Aurora has already spent some time browsing the catalog for birthday and Christmas presents. I am so happy that she will be able to grow her hair out again since we will have a secure way to keep it up and tangle free (well, at least less tangles). We will definitely need to get some more so that we can each wear them.

If you need hair clips that are durable, comfortable, and beautiful, I HIGHLY recommend you check into Lilla Rose!