Our 2013-2014 PreK Curriculum


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After WAY too many hours of research and a whole lot of prayer, we have finally decided what we will use for next year’s preK curriculum (or at least what we will start with!). Most things we are continuing on with from last year, but a few things are a bit different.

Moose is officially doing preschool this year!!! I know his list may look like a lot, but it honestly never takes more than an hour. My official stance on preschool is this…we work until he says “stop“. Until Moose officially reaches school age (meaning the age we need to give our notification, which for him is still 2 years away) he is in control of how long he wants to learn. If he has a day where he would rather play, then he is free to play! My only rule is that he can’t turn down school for electronics. Beyond that I am content with letting him decide how long his day goes.

Here is his line-up:

*The Nursery Book of Bible Stories (Yesterday’s Classics)

*Alpha-Phonics  (he is already about 1/2 way through this so we will just continue)

*Joy of Handwriting Cursive


*For math we will alternate between Math Mammoth Blue and


Miquon Math 

* Rod & Staff preschool workbooks (he only finished through D last year so we will continue E-J)rod & staff preschool

*Super Star Speech (he needs a little help with his “l”, “r”, and “th” sounds, so this will provide some speech therapy at home

*Five in a Row (we will use each book for 2 weeks instead of 1)

*Systematic Sight Word Instruction and other various readers from Scholastic Teacher Express

That is about all I have for my little man! I am sure it will keep him nice and busy for the school year. And for the time he is not doing school, he will be helping keep an eye on his favorite buddy, Little Bear!

Hopefully tomorrow (or Wednesday) I will be ready to share what the “big kids” will be doing this upcoming year:)



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  1. I love your stance on preschool. That is how I am going to work it with my daughter. She likes to copy her brothers, so we will see how long she goes 🙂

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