Our 2013-2104 “Big Kid” Curriculum


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Now it is time for the “big kids” curriculum. Caspian will be doing 4th grade work, and Aurora will be doing 2nd grade work. Most of what Caspian and Aurora do is together, but just at their own level. I know this looks like a lot of things, but we are typically done with all school work by lunch time(except for their 30 minute literature reading). And we only do most subjects Monday through Thursday, which leaves Friday open for other fun activities. So I promise I don’t have them doing school work all day every day:)

*You can read about our “rotation” here. This covers extra Bible (books of the Bible and Hymns), health, art, geography, artists/composers, and interactive notebooking.

*For Bible, we use a combination of Sword Fighting

and Character Journal

*Our morning “warm-ups” consist of a few short activities including:          -Memory Work taken primarily from Living Memory (subjects include poetry, Bible, grammar, science, history, and math)Living Memory

           -Daily questions/activities taken from the following Scholastic eBooks: Daily Word Ladders

200 Math Word Problems

5 Minute Daily Geography

Science Question of the Day

Vocabulary Word of the Day

-Read alouds from McGuffey’s Eclectic Readers

-Cursive practice using Write Through the Bible

*Writing instruction is done with a combination of

Writing with Ease

and All Things Fun and Fascinating

*For Spelling we use Writing Road to Reading

*For grammar Caspian uses Fix it! Grammar

and Aurora uses KISS grammarKISS_Cahen

-they also use some other workbooks from Scholastic and here

*for literature they each have a list of books to read

*For Math we use Math Mammoth blue seriesmm-cover-Addition_1-m

and Friday fun math with Right Start card gamesright start

*For Latin we use Getting Started with Latin

*For Logic we use Scholastic Logic Posters, Problems, & PuzzlesLogic Posters, Problems, & Puzzles

* We are currently in the middle of our Magic School Bus science, and should finish around Christmas time. At that point we will move on to   Earth Science/Astronomy.

*History is one subject where Aurora and Caspian are doing different things…for now. Aurora is currently reading The Story of the World: Volume 1 but she does also join Caspian as he uses A Child’s Geography: Volume 3. After both of these are finished (again, probably around Christmas) they will work together to study the Middle Ages.

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Whew! I think that just about does it! Again, these are our starting points. We may end the year using this same things, or we may not! The beauty of homeschooling:)


8 thoughts on “Our 2013-2104 “Big Kid” Curriculum

  1. Had to stop by and check out your math! We use RightStart Math too (love their games!) I’m interested in seeing how your Latin goes! We are doing Spanish right now…but will touch on Latin through Classical Conversations this year as we try the program out. I love your literature selections too!

    • The Right Start math games are just great! And we are continuing Latin from last year…I LOVE Getting Started with Latin! It is so good that I am sure I will have a difficult time finding something as good to use after we finish it!

  2. Happy NOT Back to School! I have a 4th and 2nd grader this year as well…and it looks like my other two might be around the same ages as yours! We love our Fun Fridays here, too. 🙂 Good luck with your new year!

    • How great! After 4 hard days of school work, a 3-day weekend from the “regular” work is definitely needed around here:) Best wishes to you on a great school year too!!!

  3. I have had Right Start sitting on my shelf calling to me for years. I don’t know why I never thought to create a “Friday fun day.” Brilliant! Do you plan the games you will use ahead of time, or do the kids get to pick what they play?

    • I try to steer them toward the games that are geared toward what they are learning, but in the end it is their decision what to play. They certainly have their favorites…kids just never seem to tire of doing things over, and over, and over again!

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