Our (Not Official) School Room


Like many other homeschoolers, we do not have an official school room. Truthfully, I am not really sure we would even use one if we did! It is nice to use the main part of the house (which also happens to be the biggest room in the house) without worrying about what the younger boys may be getting into in another room.

From a real estate perspective, the rooms we use for school would be considered a living room/ dining room combo (it is an L shaped room). But for us this room is a school room/ play room/ dining room. And I love it that way! Come take a look!



This is the comfy relaxing area of our school room. A nice formal (ha,ha!) train table works very well as a coffee table for small children. Many days you will find Caspian over in this area doing any school work that doesn’t have to be done at a table.


This part of the room makes it possible to school the older kids while the younger kids play. We can all be in the same room together and still get our work done! I am so happy we decided to do this instead of keeping the room as a formal living room. The bookshelf in the corner holds our math manipulatives, some art supplies, some puzzles, and all of my homeschooling catalogs.


Here is where “formal” school takes place. I love that our table is big enough that we can have our school books out but still have room to eat lunch there too! I even have room for my sewing machine (not an official sewing table but it works when I don’t need it out all of the time). We are still working on a kitchen remodel, so the refrigerator is not supposed to be there:) Behind it is a large world map, a calendar, and a dry erase board.


A nice corner for all of the kids’ books! I had to extend our book space around to the white shelf because the binders were just taking up too much space! I think we are due for more bookshelves soon!

*DISCLAIMER* Our school room is NEVER actually this clean (except when the kids are in bed and I am going to take some pictures:). I know I can be hard on myself when I see everyone else’s rooms all neat and tidy so please do not feel this way. My kids are still young…they make messes! But we have fun:)

So there you have it… Our (Not Official) School Room…tomorrow morning there will be books, papers, pencils, crayons, binders, and toys spread all over the room, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!