A Child’s Geography: Explore the Classical World (A Review & 2 Giveaways!!)

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Imagine you are dropped into a country that you know little to nothing about. You know nothing about the culture, the food, the landmarks, or the terrain. You are just lost.

Now picture a person coming to greet you. This person knows everything about the country you are visiting. She know the history, the weather, the terrain, the culture, the best places to eat and visit. She becomes your tour guide and you learn more than you could ever imagine.

If you are looking for this type of experience with countries around the Mediterranean Sea, then look no further than Terri Johnson’s “A Child’s Geography: Explore the Classical World“.

When I first had the opportunity to look through this geography/ history curriculum I knew it was something special. The pictures are beautiful, the writing is conversational, and the extras to go with it make it memorable.

The book alone is such a great way to learn about the classical world. You will have the opportunity to visit and explore 10 different countries. A few of the larger countries (like Greece and Italy) have several weeks of lessons. But trust me, there is more than enough information to keep you interested.

As if that wasn’t good enough, there are also several extras to use with the book. These include: how to pray for the country you are studying, cooking projects, book suggestions for extra reading, timeline of events, cultural activities, and a travel log.

Even though we read the main book either on the iPad or the computer (since the pictures were so beautiful!) I did print off all of the “extras” and organize them in a binder (you can find the checklist I made here).

Our Geography Binder

Our Geography Binder

Since we only do formal school 4 days a week, we broke each week’s reading into 4 parts and added the “extras” in this way.

Day 1: first section of lesson & praying for that country

Day 2: second section of lesson & extra library books

Day 3: third section of lesson & activity/ cooking project

Day 4: final section of lesson & timeline/ travel log


Mosaic Masterpieces

photo (4)

Baking Almond Macaroons

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time using this curriculum. I have had the hardest time getting Caspian to love anything having to do with history…until now. He asks to do his history before any other subject now, and that makes a mom very happy!

What Caspian has to say about it: “I love traveling all over with this book. I really liked studying about Greece! The activities that go with it are a lot of fun. It is my favorite history book I have done!”

Think you might be interested in trying this out for yourself? I have a few options for you. You can go to Knowledge Quest’s website and read the first 3 chapters. Trust me…you will be hooked! A Child’s Geography is recommended for children grades 1-6 (although Mom will probably learn a lot too!).

I also have 2 chances for you to win a copy of A Child’s Geography! The first giveaway is for a digital copy of A Child’s Geography, and the second giveaway is for a huge selection of curriculum! Either way, I think you will be happy with what you could win!

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*I would be happy to try to answer any questions you may have about this curriculum…it is one of the best, and I am sure you will love it just as much as we do!*



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  1. Hopefully this is where we are suppose to leave our comment. There was no place where I was making entries. I have not used anything from Knowledge Quest but am about to start using their Around the World unit studies to supplement our around the world year of learning.

  2. I own the first A Child’s Geography book from Knowledge Quest and love it! I am so excited they are continuing the series and can’t wait to see this one. Since I’m doing Ancients with my 7yo this year, it would fit in perfectly.

  3. I’ve only gotten a sample from Knowledge Quest, but it was of excellent quality. I’ve heard wonderful things about them too!

  4. We just started using a Child’s Geography Vol. 1 this year and we are really enjoying it so far. Beautiful curicullum.

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