Don’t Miss the Boat {a review}

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If you are anything like me, you may at times find it difficult to explain the complexities of the Bible. This can be especially true when you are trying to convince someone who is set again “being convinced” in the first place. This is one area where I really want to improve myself.

Don’t Miss the Boat: Facts to Keep Your Faith Afloat is a book that has really given me a new perspective on how to defend the story of the flood. This book goes through all of the complexities of science vs. religion, and explains how the flood actually occurred and is not just a fairy tale Bible story.

Paul Taylor gives some very compelling bits of evidence to use when we defend the flood. He goes through different aspects that people question about the flood. Some of these include: what the pre-flood world was like, how the flood started, how the flood can be explained with science, how fossils are not a sign that the world is millions of years old, how the ark was designed, how animals got on the ark, and also the idea of a post-flood ice age.

One of my favorite parts was the section of short fictional stories written by a few pre-flood humans (including Jubal, Tubal-Cain, Jabal, and Naamah). These stories really made these people come alive for me in a way that they never have before!

Another great part of this book is the study questions that are written at the end of the book. There are several questions for each chapter. This would make a great Bible study!

I have learned so much about the flood and the history behind it through this book! My plans are to read through this again and take notes so that I can build my confidence in defending one of the most scientifically controversial events in Biblical history. I know more about fossils now than I ever learned in any science class. If you have any doubts about the reality of the flood, then check this book out and you will be convinced that it truly was real!

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