All-In 2 Night {a review}

One night a week together as a family, with no interruptions, can be a difficult thing to orchestrate. So many family members moving in so many different directions…how can you possibly all be together and focused on each other? What do you talk about? What activities can you do together?

Lynne Burgess’ book All-In 2 Night is just the tool you need to make a family night happen. This book goes through the history of how All-In Nights began in the Burgess household. Lynne went through a heart-breaking loss in her family, which really got her focused on what matters most…relationships with family. During good times and bad, her family has made a ritual of having one night a week when they are simply together and enjoying each other. Then, she explains to you exactly how to plan and have your very own family night. The book includes 40 weeks of different topics. Each of these includes an explanation of what is to be accomplished and also gives you some suggested activities to make it more fun!

With families growing farther and farther apart in this busy world, I think it would be ideal for every family to have an “all-in” night every week. These are the memories our children will take with them throughout their entire lives (and hopefully continue them when they someday have a family of their own!). Even though we can’t have a consistent night every week because of my husband’s work schedule, we will definitely be using this book as a tool to help establish at least one family night per week. Because after all, our relationships with are family are the ones that will last a lifetime! Don’t you want to nurture those relationships? I know I do!

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