Tired of Battling Over Chores? I Have the Solution! {Easy Peasy Chores-a review}

Easy Peasy Chores Cover

Are you tired of trying to get your kids to do chores? Tired of failed plans and charts? Tired of having to do the chores yourself because you are done with nagging?

I have the solution for you!

What is the answer: Easy Peasy Chores!

If you have been looking for a workable chore system for your family, then I highly recommend you check this system out! It is the most versatile chore chart that I have ever found (and trust me, I have tried several!). There are so many different ways to use this… it can truly work for every family.

Here is how it works for us.

We have our system set up by the day of the week. That is what works for our family, but you can use it in many different ways. You can set it up by room, by area, by person, whatever works best for you! Once you have the cards printed off, you can move and rearrange things until you find what fits your family best. What if you have it all set up and find later that your system isn’t working? You can move the cards around and try a different way. No reprinting anything!

But, before you print off all of the cards at once, I urge you to start off slow. Alina Joy, the creator of the Easy Peasy Chore system, recommends you start with one part of your day. And that is just what we did. We started by setting up our evening routine. I printed off the evening chore cards and set those up in the baseball card sleeves (brilliant idea, Alina Joy!). We got our magnets set up with a plain color sticker on one side (each child getting their own color), and a star on the other (the star side shows the chore is complete). Then we posted the chart on the refrigerator.

The kids got to work right away on the chores and the magnets were just too cool! After they finished all of their evening chores they were allowed to put a marble in a jar. Once that jar is filled we pick a family activity or outing to do together. We may even start some type of small allowance using the chores.

morning chores

With evening taken care of, we moved to morning and meal times. This was a pretty easy transition since we already had a bit of a chore routine for these times. But now it was official and everyone knew exactly what they needed to do. Again, when they completed these, the kids put a marble in the jar.

table time

Now we were ready for the daily chores. We have a time set aside each day for chores right after lunch (when they are still full of energy from just eating!). So I just had to figure out which rooms would be cleaned each day. Here is how our plan played out:

Monday: family room/ toy room

Tuesday: kitchen

Wednesday: bathrooms and hallways

Thursday: living room/ dining room

Friday: bedrooms

Saturday: outside chores and a rotation of chores that only need attention about once every month

Sunday we just use as a general clean-up day for all of the rooms so we can start the week with a picked-up house.

I keep the extra charts we are not using that day in a special drawer just for them.

chores day

Now that we have done this for several weeks, I can tell you that this system works! We are all working together to keep the house clean! It is amazing how peaceful it is to have a house that picked up and in order! This mama is very happy!

toddler chores

The kids are discovering that if they keep up on their jobs that it really doesn’t take that much time to do them. The first week was a little harder because we were behind on house cleaning. But now that we are all caught up, we can get chores done in 30 minutes or less. That is wonderful!

The only problem we have found for us is the magnets. My busy 2-year-old is fascinated by the way they attract each other. So we now only use those for the rotating daily chores (and try to keep them up high out of reach!). For the morning, evening, and kitchen chores I simply write their initials with a dry erase marker on the chores they need to complete. Once Little Bear is a bit older I will go back to the magnets, but for now this works!

The great thing about the Easy Peasy chore system is it works for readers and non-readers alike. The pictures show what needs to be done, and there are even blank cards in case you need to make up one of your own. Easy Peasy chores gives you the option of printing the cards in either black and white or color. We chose black and white so the kids could color them (which they hadn’t done yet when I took the pictures), but if you have a nice color printer you can go that route. There is a regular edition and a homeschool edition. They both contain the same cards, but the homeschool edition also has subjects listed so you can use it as a type of school planner.

I can’t recommend this product highly enough…you will not be disappointed! I am so glad that we finally found a chore system that works for us! That is truly priceless!

The Easy Peasy Chore system sells for $15.99 for the regular, and $17.99 for the homeschool edition. Both are eBooks so you can print some off and get started right away! There is even a Pinterest board to show how some other families have used the system. What will you need to get started?

*cardstock and a printer

*baseball card protectors

*magnets (if you choose to use these, they are optional)

*colored coded stickers for each family member for the magnet fronts

*star stickers for the magnet backs

*dry erase markers (if you are not using the magnets)

*a place to store the sheets that are not in use that day (a binder, a drawer, whatever works best for you)

Alina Joy, well done!!! You have created a product that will help so many families bring joy back into chore time!

*Affiliate links are used in this review. Thank you for any purchases…they are a blessing to my family! I was blessed to receive a free copy of the Easy Peasy Chore system for review. The opinions expressed are my own and I would never recommend a product I didn’t use and love for my own family!


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