grammar game

What kind of crazy things do you think of when something unexpected wakes you up in the wee hours of the morning? Well, thanks to a morning of very early rising by a sweet little 2-year-old boy, an idea came to my mind.

The kids love playing games, and Sequence for Kids is one of their favorites. So I decided to make a Grammar Game based on the same way Sequence for Kids is played. Although I still think grammar is best learned by reading quality literature, this is a fun way to supplement. Moose did join in the game, but he needed quite a bit of help. I would suggest this game for probably around 2nd grade and up. Ready to play?!


The object of the game is to get 4 of your color playing chips in a row. As you can see in the picture I laminated the game board, taped the pieces together with strong packing tape, and left a little gap between the pieces so it could fold up easily.

I created both a black and white version and a color version (for you lucky people out there that have nice color printers!). The first 4 pages are the game board, the next 4 pages are the playing cards, then there is a page of playing chips (or you could use some of your own if you have them). The last page has the instructions and the answer key.

Grammar Game (black and white)

Grammar Game-color

Hope you and your kids enjoy the game as much as we do! Please feel free to ask any questions if I didn’t make the instructions clear…I am a visual learner and it is sometimes hard to put into words exactly what I am trying to explain:)

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