A Book for Every Married Couple: My Beloved and My Friend {review}

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Are you “lucky” enough to be married to your best friend? Have you ever heard people ask that question? Did you ever wonder if maybe it isn’t luck? Maybe it is the culmination of deliberate steps you take to make your spouse your beloved. Maybe if we truly became our spouse’s best friend we could all be that “lucky”, or better yet, blessed.

Marriage can be tough. Any time you put two people into a life-long relationship there are sure to be some rough points. But the approach we take in dealing with trying situations makes all the difference in the world. If we take each step in marriage based on the guidance of the Bible we are sure to succeed, and grow closer! Hal and Melanie Young have written a fantastic book that takes you through some of the potential struggles in marriage.

Their book, My Beloved and My Friend, I found not only to be convicting, but also encouraging. It is so easy to get wrapped up in what the world believes is true and right, but this book will lead you back to the Scriptures and direct you to the truth straight from God’s word. It is like having 12 sessions of Biblical marriage counseling as you go through each chapter! If you have a group of couples to get together, this book would make such a fantastic book study. You will all be blessed by reading it and together figuring out how you can apply the principles they discuss in your own lives.

Here is a little taste of the topics you will find in this book: leaving and cleaving, sickness and health, submission, fidelity, intimacy, children, money, dividing duties at home, spirituality, unity, and fighting. That pretty much covers every topic that could be an issue in marriage! I’m telling you…this book is wonderful!

I have taken away so much from this book. Just to show you what you may take away from it too, here is my top 10 list of things I learned from reading My Beloved and My Friend.

1) I always need to think of my marriage in terms of “we, us, our”, and not “I, me, mine”! We are a team…not two individuals.

2) To be my husband’s best friend I need to have common interests with him, even if it is something I am not really interested in.

3) When we work together and build on each other’s strength, we can get through anything…even if it means a time of extended illness. We can show love and receive love during these trying times.

4) Submission is more than asking my husband his opinion on various meaningless decisions. It means working together to complete the mission.

5) Infidelity can start a long time before an actual affair. We must be vigilant with our hearts and minds to prevent falling down a slippery slope.

6) Sex within the Biblical confines of marriage is one of God’s greatest gifts!

7) God is wiser than us when it comes to determining the size of our families.

8) God always finds a way to provide for us in our needs. He is always faithful!

9) Home church is NOT church. As Christians, we need to be connected with other believers and worship together…this is how God intended it to be.

10) Once forgiveness is given, it should not be brought up again (no stock-piling past wrongs!)

This is just a small portion of everything I took away from reading this book. I could have easily written 50 things, but I figured you needed it read it for yourself:)

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