These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things: Little Bear’s Favorite Toys

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In the spirit of preparing for the holidays I have decided to start a series titled “A Few of our Favorite Things”. I am going to be sharing with you some of the kids’ favorite toys to hopefully help you along with some holiday gift ideas. As it gets closer to the holidays we will share some of our favorite books, foods, activities, traditions, etc.

We will begin with my sweet little 3-year-old boy, Little Bear. The following list includes some of the toys he plays with most throughout the day. These are the toys that last and are used day after day. They are the toys that remain after we clean out the rarely used toys.

1) Activity Table

Our table is not this exact one, but it is similar. Ours came with a train track, which is also played with from time to time. But we use it more as an activity table. Little Bear loves to set up his toys on his table and play with them…it is the perfect height for him.

2) Toobs!

These little sets of play animals and figures are treasures in our home. All of the kids love them and play with them frequently. They make great toys for church since they don’t make any noise. The Toob figures also get played with when the Playmobil sets and toy castle are out. I have the feeling we will be collection many more of these in addition to those we already own.

3) Duplos

Little Bear is not quite ready for Legos yet, so the Duplos are a perfect size for him. He loves to build tall towers and rarely ever builds what he is “supposed” to. I love to see his creations…he has quite an imagination! We have a few sets of these so he has plenty of options in what to build.

4) Fisher Price Little People

We have so many of the Little People sets, and Little Bear plays with all of them! From the plane, to the bus, to the school, he loves to have them all laid out on his activity table. He is learning so many different animals from the A to Z animal set and loves it when he sees the “real thing” at our trips to the zoo!

5) Wood Pattern Blocks

I love to see Little Bear’s hands at work when he puts together a picture with pattern blocks. He amazes me at how well he can work with these little pieces of wood, and his face when he finishes a design is priceless! There are several free printable online for pattern blocks, or you can buy some Pattern Block Activity Cards already made and laminated.

6) Thomas & Friends Trains

Since Little Bear is our third boy, you can be sure he has a big tote full of Thomas the train. If I need him to be occupied for an extended period of time I will put a train track together for him and he will be entertained for hours! He loves his trains!

7) Melissa & Doug Jigsaw Puzzles

If you have never purchased any Melissa & Doug puzzles, I highly recommend you do. They are so durable, and Little Bear loves them. Each piece in the puzzle sets has a specific shape on the back of it so you know which puzzle it goes with. The carrying case is wonderful, unlike the cardboard ones that come with regular puzzles. I think a few more of these may be in Little Bear’s future for Christmas!

8) Playmobils

Little Bear has  never been the type of child to put things in his mouth, so I am comfortable allowing him to play with Playmobils. He loves all of the accessories, and the Playmobil car gets a lot of use from him! Again, the activity table is a perfect place for him to play with these to prevent losing pieces.

9) Castle

This castle really gets a lot of use from the kids, especially Little Bear. It only came with two figures and a horse, so he uses Playmobils, Toob figures, Little People, and even trains to play with this castle. It is lightweight enough that it is not too difficult to carry around the house. This is another one that will entertain him for a good amount of time.

10) Create A Scene Magnetic Playsets

Little Bear has a thing for magnets. He loves playing with the magnets that are on the refrigerator, so it only seemed natural that he would like a magnetic play set. And boy does he love them! These would also make good church toys since they are easily portable, and quiet. So those are some of Little Bear’s favorite toys. What are some of your favorite toys for 3-year-old boys?