These are a Few of Our Favorite Things: Moose’s Favorite Toys

Moose's favorite things (5 year old boy)

Last week we started a series on a few of our favorite things. This week I am going to share some of Moose’s favorite toys. He has a lot of the same favorites as Little Bear, but I tried to make sure their lists didn’t have duplicates. Here are some of the toys Moose plays with the most throughout the day.

1) Magnetic Mosaics– This is one of those toys that has been a favorite for all of the kids. Moose is at a great age for playing with it right now. He can spend hours creating designs!

2) Lincoln Logs– Who doesn’t love Lincoln Logs?! This is one of those classic toys…we played with them growing up and now the kids enjoy them! I love to see what buildings and houses Moose can create with these.

3) Lauri Puzzles– These puzzles are really fantastic! They last forever and the kids love the bright colors. Lauri is one of those great companies that makes good quality toys. Moose is a big fan of puzzles and these are some of the best!

4) Monopoly Junior– Moose loves playing games and this is one of his favorites to play with his dad. I have trouble sitting through a full regular Monopoly game but Monopoly Junior is perfect!

5) Cash Register– OK, I had to stretch my list on this one a bit because technically Moose doesn’t have this yet. He is getting it for his birthday in a few weeks and he is SO excited! The kids already play “store” a lot and use the pretend money, but having a real cash register will make it even more fun!

6) Sandwich Stacking Games– This game is so much fun and can be used with several different size groups. Moose can even have fun on his own creating the sandwiches on the cards.

7) VeggieTales Dough Play Set– Oh do the kids love play dough! And this haircut set from VeggieTales is one of their absolute favorites…especially Moose! As much as I may not love play dough (or the mess it can create) the kids certainly do!

8) Walkie Talkies– What boys do not love walkie talkies? Moose is no exception! He can spend all day using walkie talkies. And these are even better for him since they are CARS!

9) Cuisenaire Rods with the Alphabet Book– Even though I would count this as school work too, Moose loves playing with his Cuisenaire Rods. We have all of the pages in this book ripped out and covered with page protectors so he can use them easily.

10) Disney / Pixar CARS– We have quite a collection of these die-cast cars. Moose loves to line them up all in a row and have them race! They may not be the typical matchbox cars (which he likes too) but he gets to play with the characters of one of his favorite movies!

Do you have any favorite toys for an almost 5 year-old boy? I would love to hear any suggestions since Christmas is coming up soon!