Stories of the Pilgrim-audiobook {a review}

stories of the pilgrims

Does your family enjoy audiobooks? Do you also love having family traditions that continue year after year? Then I have something that may be of interest to you! Jim Hodges has just released his audiobook of Stories of the Pilgrims.

I really don’t use enough audiobooks in our home, but in order to save my voice from time to time I should! I love that Stories of the Pilgrims was such a hit! The kids were all wanting more at the end!

Since we haven’t had much experience with audiobooks, I started the kids by allowing them to listening to the audio and follow along with the eBook on the iPad (which we are fortunate enough to have from the Yesterday’s Classics collection). They did very well with this set-up and Caspian was fascinated that he could look up vocabulary words just by highlighting the word on the iPad.

Then the time came when they wanted to listen to the book while we were in the car. We all have problems with car-sickness so the iPad was not a good idea. But these stories were so captivating that I had no trouble keeping their attention! Jim Hodges does such a great job reading…if you have never heard one of his audiobooks, I highly recommend you try it!

There is also a study guide available for $5 to go along with the stories. This includes vocabulary words, comprehension questions, and other various activities to solidify what was read. I found the study guide to be very helpful since some of the vocabulary words were new to the kids. They were also able to do different mapping projects and crafts. I can tell you right now, Caspian will not forget where Holland is located!

Although we enjoyed all of the stories, we all had our favorites. Caspian enjoyed the story of Joseph and Isaac escaping from the Indians. Aurora loved the story of the first Thanksgiving. And I enjoyed the stories of how the pilgrims escaped England. Everyone in your family will have a story to enjoy in this audiobook!

Stories of the Pilgrims is on sale right now for $15 until the end of November. Listening to this book is now a new Thanksgiving tradition for our family…and I love new traditions! I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this Bow of Bronze launch team!

Now the best part! There is an AWESOME giveaway you can enter for a chance to win downloads ALL of Jim Hodge’s audiobooks! If your family loves audiobooks, you should definitely enter! Just click the link below!


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